No-Starvation is not enabled yet

  • 16.00 GMT+2 was 10 minutes ago, but No-Starvation has still not been enabled.

    Watch out and make sure you have crop in your villages!

  • Hello Everyone

    Here is what is going on now.....

    The update that we just advertised is now on hold again.

    Non-starvation will be activated soon by tech support soon if it has not already been.
    All troops, died since 16:00 GMT+2, will be restored.

  • You sure about that mate?

    The little text box hasn’t appeared.

    I’d test it but I have no troops

    No-starvation is active on UK20, so I guess it's active on all other servers aswell...But it's not easy when we are told ingame that no-starvation is only active when we see an infobox about it...Which is still missing.

  • Those should be active now

    No starvation is active till
    25/05/18 - 03:00:00 pm

    Forgot to add that the no starvation was actually active before the infoboxes went out.
    Just making sure nothing went buggy with that. ;)