UK3 Fashion

  • In hono(u)r of the recent Royal Wedding, H4E is proud to present to you its May 2018 Fashion Collection: Hats 4 Everyone *

    Seen here photo-bombing the Royal Wedding, this Hero and Gelding are paying their respects to the Queen's amazing fashion taste.

    For the Hero looking for a bit more flair, this combination is sure to tickle your fancy.

    If adventure is what you seek, these hats will have your Hero and Gelding looking the part.

    For the more rugged Duo, our traditional Viking attire is perfect for enemy intimidation.

    Topping off our May 2018 Collection is our "US UK Hey it's OK" Hero and Gelding combination.

    * Hats are not necessarily for "everyone."
    Limited quantities available for well qualified buyers while supplies last.
    Please see an authorized agent near you for more details.

  • Would you consider these hats unisex?

    Also, I prefer a "one of a kind" style... Can you imagine my hero showing up to a battle, only to find out Locke Lamora's hero is wearing the same one?

    Do you offer fashion advice? I'm afraid Hulk's hero may attack in his pink lace high hat, when we all know a battle bonnet, with just a hint of pink, is more appropriate.

  • H4E representatives are trained not to provide hat and gender correlations and leave it up to each individual Hero and Gelding to choose what is right for them.

    There is little to no risk of showing up in the same attire as Locke Lomora due to non-approval of their application. (See disclaimer * for details)

    While H4E representatives do offer advice, we cannot stop a Hero from making the final purchase decision.
    Hulk wants pink - Hulk gets pink.
    We are simply a conduit to each individuals personal expression.