Hero Bounty not showing

  • Hiya. New Gaulish member here. Bit confused as my Hero's report showed him returning from an adventure with bounty of 16 Swordsmen, but they didn't appear. Am I missing something? All previous bounty has shown up, even if that troop hadn't yet been unlocked (Swordsman has been researched).

  • Are you sure they didn’t follow in behind him? They travel at a slower speed. If not, report it to the MH and link the report. They should be able to fix it for you and report it upstairs if it’s a new bug.

    ** New challenge, how many times can you use the word “report” in the same sentence :D

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  • Hiya. I hadn't thought about them going slower (duh). I'll work out if that's likely to be the case. Thanks!

    Edit: That's EXACTLY what it was - they're still plodding in. :-)