UK3 Day 33, quick stats check

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    At the special request of @Storm Striker, who I can only assume is named such as he is the love child of these two;

    Let's have a little look at the alliances.

    It's hard to go into too much details as for the most part the server has followed a pretty straight line so far.

    NE - GoT

    NW - NMS DA


    SE - H4E

    No real contention for quads going on there apart from the SW but I doubt Crusader will be capable of fighting MM in the long term.

    Looking at the big eye in the sky it would seem GoT are making their WW preparations early, Crusader too but lets be realistic here...

    No, it's not a new map, it's an old one. Square sizes adjust by village pop and good for finding stranded players in hostile territories;

    But enough about that. Lets have some stats;

    Ranks Alliance Player(s) Ø Points
    1st GoT 92 972 89402
    2nd MM 106 825 87450
    3rd H4E 35 1023 35808
    4th NMS DA 45 747 33601
    Last CRUSADER 24 736 17657


    Arguably the most important early game statistic wherein many players focus on the necessary infrastructure to leapfrog the troop numbers of the early builders. GoT seem to be acres ahead on this front. Although H4E have a stronger average pop GoT are maintaining theirs across ~3x the amount of players which makes it more impressive.

    With all 4 quads essentially able to sim up all they like it will be interesting to see which alliance pulls the trigger on the first quad war.

    Ranks Alliance Player(s) Ø Points
    1st MM 106 848 89906
    2nd GoT 92 873 80330
    3rd H4E 35 832 29112
    4th NMS DA 45 584 26289
    Last CRUSADER 24 158 3787


    At this stage of the server this is essentially 'who has killed the most rats to train their hero. Although there are lots of reports flying around of clubs being squished and small amounts of defence being caught slipping the majority is surely nature kills. -

    It does however show the mind state of the players so it's always nice to see some early re ribbons flying around. Crusader though have just about managed to clear an oasis per person which is beyond shocking...

    Ranks Alliance Player(s) Ø Points
    1st GoT 92 66 6041
    2nd MM 106 38 4039
    3rd NMS DA 45 70 3130
    4th H4E 35 30 1050
    Last CRUSADER 24 43 1039


    Well no once should really have very many points at this stage, the odd person borging on them maybe but that's about it. I certainly hope there isn't any farm spiking going on here!


    GoT are still the favourites in my opinion but the server is far from decided. Looking forward to the first wars kicking off so we have some nice reports to look at :)

  • nice job crunchie as always... I have a feeling this round is going to be super interesting considering a LOT of power houses playing on this server...

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