2018 Tournament Qualification Round Server Start Information

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  • To all Travian Faithful

    That time of year has arrived where all eyes turn to the Travian Tournament Series.
    Time to test yourself against all of others and more on the biggest Travian stage of all.

    The server will begin on June 13th at 13:00 GMT +1

    The link to get you started The Qualifying Round

    Check out Safirens Corner for all the pre-start chatter The Corner Discussions 2018

    Some general information......
    - Version T4.4
    - 3 original tribes
    - x2 speed
    - No pre-register

    Good Luck to all who venture forth

  • Dear players! We're happy to announce that qualification servers will open their gates for glorious battles on 13.06.2018!

    As usual, there will be 4 qualificaition group servers and 2 international ones.

    Links to Qualification start pages:

    General information about Qualification Servers:

    Start: 13.06.2018 at 13:00 GMT+1
    Version T4.4 (Classic map, 3 tribes)
    Speed: x2
    Beginner protection : 3 days
    Artefact release: 02.08.2018
    Construction plan release: 21.09.2018
  • Dear players!

    Registration on all Qualification servers will soon be closed.
    If you want to take part in the Tournament and have not joined yet, it is time to do so.

    The last day when you can register on any Qualification server is

    08.07.2018 / July 8th 2018

    Don't miss the chance to get your key to the most competitive server ever!

    Your Travian Legends Team