Qualification Servers

  • Don't worry, in crunchies eyes everyone else but the UK is manically cheating. :D

    Not saying they do as well, but it's mostly overreacting about others.

    I don't disagree about .com though, since I am there and see that roumors are not far from the truth. :D


    Thought I made it,

    but I'm feeling stupid now.
    Drinking till I'm falling,

    cause my mind is so polluted now.
    I just wanna be free.

  • This is the first time I have ever heard that we sweds or even the nordic countries are suppose to be famous for cheating.

    Everyone who doesn't build capital 100k crophammers at day 250 is cheating according to crunch so don't bother :)))

    Same guy who says unique fool is best art and great diet > small diet btw.

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  • But the fool arty is the best arty, no arguments about that, it's obvious

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  • @Final Word, I'm surprised you're defensive of com server. the 1 com server i played was com3. i was inn your ally, Chaos, and we were against a Russian ally called Prime. 3 quads united couldn't beat Prime, even with silly 450k club wwks on our side, and you took an active part in trying to combat the russian cheating. the infamous 165 banned accounts in their meta lol

    as a UK player, the 1 com server i tried was won by hardcore cheaters, and thats the impression com left on me. even within our own ally that server, one of the wwks openly ran 6 multi accounts lmfao, it was clusterduck on all sides