HoF Development & Discussion Thread

  • Hello To All

    The Hall of Fame (HoF) in The .Com Domain is missing some information.
    There has been a reason for this but we will Monday morning quarterback that at a later date.

    For now it is time to build a history of The .Com Domain to reflect the great achievements of the domains players.
    We will use this thread to gather what records we should keep and use that to set up a natural museum dedicated to you the players.
    So post in this thread what records you would like to keep and I will add it to the master list in this post.
    Since this will take the participation of both players and staff here on The .Com Domain we will also use this thread to see if you all would like to have an active Hall of Fame maintained.
    I am willing to put in some time for it as think it would be something fun to do and to see how it changes over time. :)

    Once we establish what records you all want to keep then we will begin gathering any records you may possess now to begin the process of displaying them properly.
    If you have nominations then please hold them till later after we establish what we will be tracking.

    From you I ask the following....

    What records do you all wish to keep? Here is the normal categories so just fill in the rest.

    Regular server (x1 speed)
    Speed Server (x2 speed)
    Speed Server (x3 speed)
    Birthday Specials

    (by tribe/crop/power)
    Largest Offensive Army (top 10 will be the target for all listed here & below)
    Largest Defensive Army
    Largest Population
    Most villages
    Largest Catapult Army
    Largest Ram Army
    Most Offensive Points (player)
    Most Defensive Points (player)
    Most Offensive Points (alliance)
    Most Defensive Points (alliance)

    Stand alone tournament section records

  • Most off points
    Most def points

    The same for alliances

    BD-special servers section

    Largest defense at WW
    Largest defense except WW

    All of above by tribe, by crop, by power

    I would love to see a collection of most interesting operations as well.

    Speed Server (x2 speed)

    Do we have 2x servers over than finals? Tournament should be in HoF of it's own.

    Largest offense can be judged by a report but how you will sort largest defensive army?

    From Templar...Yours have been added

  • Do we have 2x servers over than finals? Tournament should be in HoF of it's own.

    As i know ".pl" have 2x speed server. May be another domain too.

    время время время..

    ЧЕ:dojik, Hamster;
    ЧМ1:Singing Heart, MightyRU; ЧМ2:Femme Fatale, ситтер на lspci, MightyRU; ЧМ3:после артов KukuYOPTA, CerbeR; ЧМ4:Ternura, ситтер на Ruk, CerbeR; ЧМ5: Caprice, CerbeR; ЧМ6: Lontra, CerbeR, ситтер на Mors; ЧМ7: zmey_gorynych, CerbeR, ситтер на UNI;

    the end

  • One of the things I'd like to see is a uniform HoF approach across the English domains. I'd prefer Travian wide but English domains is the easiest place to start. The only stumbling block at the moment is the lack of a CM for AU/UK/US. That said I appreciate an effort is being made on the HoF, it has been grossly under maintained (depending on domain) for quite a long time.

    That said ELE has given a good list. I need to sit down and see if anything is missing based on docs/sheets I've prepared in the past but a first glance says its pretty detailed.

    On a more general note though I think there should be a "Master Thread" that links to every individual HoF thread within the domain. Searching for a specific server/round has often proven difficult, though that is in part because I have all 4 English domains visible. Going along these lines would be other general housekeeping thoughts of using a particular format for thread titles and general formatting uniformity of content.

    A question has popped into my head regarding formatting: Should each round receive its own thread or should it receive its own post in a single thread for that server?

    I'm partial to a single thread per server, otherwise there will be quite a few threads and over time it will make things less organized. Thoughts from anyone else?

    Former Anglosphere Ambassador 2019-2020

  • I prefer individual threads for different rounds... It's a bit easier to just click on a thread, instead of having to scroll through a thread to find a specific post (especially if the posts are long because of the stats). No real argument other than that, just personal preference.

  • A good point. A possible solution would be to have a table of contents in the first post a thread that links to the post(s) of each round. Then its two clicks and minimal scrolling. But regardless the main thing is being consistent. There are ways to make either approach more user friendly.

    Former Anglosphere Ambassador 2019-2020

  • I too like the idea of individual threads for each of the server statistics with a contents thread linking to them all. I think that would make it vastly easier to find the relevant server and round.
    Having the overall stats being on their own page also makes sense to me (i.e. largest hammer of all time, etc).

  • Largest defense at WW
    Largest defensive wall besides WW
    Heaviest train (need to define, maybe by landing in certain interval)

    Number of servers won :)

    Shortest/longest WW built

    If most artifacts then most plans as well

    Smallest alliance to build a WW, largest meta to build a WW (may be not, no idea how to calculate properly)

  • Ah yeah ofc WW def.

    Heaviest train is hard to define... I guess you mean by crop count? Should be a short enough interval so it's not two trains after the first one failed or something like that :p but still leaving time for some stragglers to land... 4 hours or something like that maybe? Could reasonably do both more and less though.

    With smallest alliance to build a WW... You mean finishing level 100 right? If so, sure... But then it should include everyone who supports the WW, unofficial/hidden allies and so on too.

  • I had an hour in mind for the train :) Must set bar high. I was thinking about something for coordinated offense as alliance achievement. Maybe number of hammers that damaged a WW?

    Yes, smallest to get to level 100, and yes, hard to count supporters, unless support is restricted to confederacy for which there are no plans for regular servers and WW in general so I guess TK can disregard that suggestion.

  • Hi,

    I think its way too complicated to analyze all the nice parameters discussed in the messages I've read. However, this is a project that needs to start from somewhere simple:

    Armies should be classified as per server speed, year, tribe, type of army, and whether it was made in a capital or non capital.

    Before we start bombarding this thread with reports, I guess we need to set the minimum standards, such as minimum 15-20k catas and/ or minimum 35-40k rams, unless there its a hydrid, I guess.. Those type of armies should have the relevant infantry/ calvary.

    Moreover, any record should be considered as unofficial, unless validated by Attacker, Defender and MH.

    It is my personal belief that only after we have managed to create an army HoF, can we examine the possibility to create other HoFs, such as for Alliances.


    If you have an off army that you think belongs at the Travian Hall of Fame, let me know! We keep records from 2008 until today, from x1, x2, and x3 servers, for the main 3 tribes, made from either capital or non capital.

    Most recent army: T4.4/ X1/ Svelto Converter - Battle reports Travian

  • Hi Again.

    After doing a preliminary research, I have come to the conclusion that this, must definitely be, a team effort exercise.. I have not managed to process more than 50 reports in 2 days, and there are countless Battle Reports from various sources.. For that reason,

    I am posting this to let you know that I am setting up a team that would be interested in supporting for the creation of a Hall of Fame, attacking armies only.

    I have set up a preliminary but detailed step-by-step process for validation and created a simple board, to start registering results. Whoever is interested in helping out on this exercise, please add me on Skype "maki.ideas".

    Thank you in advance,

    If you have an off army that you think belongs at the Travian Hall of Fame, let me know! We keep records from 2008 until today, from x1, x2, and x3 servers, for the main 3 tribes, made from either capital or non capital.

    Most recent army: T4.4/ X1/ Svelto Converter - Battle reports Travian

  • I have asked for player help before with reporting so we could begin filling the Com HoF up but there was no replies at all.

    So this just kind of fell away since there did not seem to be any player interest or participation.
    If we could begin gathering some reports or other information to begin putting this together it would be great.

    Here is the thread to use to start posting the nominees if we ever get that far. >>>>>Player top 10 nomination thread
    This is something that players have to be involved in as they are the ones creating the history.