HoF Development & Discussion Thread

  • I have asked for player help before with reporting so we could begin filling the Com HoF up but there was no replies at all.

    You completely ignored my reply there...

    In that thread, you asked for:

    Normal server top 10 in (players)
    - population
    - villages
    -offensive points
    -defensive points
    - top gauls
    - top romans
    - top teutons

    You did not mention hammers (and ignored it when I asked), nor did you ask for alliance stats.

    I have WWK reports from 5-6 servers...... Just let me know if you need them. :)

  • I have some reports for 5 tribe NYS WWK/WWR and general hammers if one would take those into account as special category.

  • I did not ignore it as i posted the link in the thread so we can begin gathering what we can.
    Post what you have in that thread and just break it down into what category you feel it should be. I can then make some new threads to hold them.

    I have some reports for 5 tribe NYS WWK/WWR and general hammers if one would take those into account as special category.

    Cool If you can add them to that thread as well we can get this ball rolling finally.

  • Lets just be sure that all these are from the .Com domain as each domain has their own HoF

    EDIT.....Hey all, I figure best way to really get started is to try and get one category rolling so we can see how it goes and what steps we can create so we can keep the nomination process fair & simple so it does not intimidate newer players. So just to get this ball rolling and see how it bounces, let's gather reports for WWK hammers for both catapults and rams. Those should be the easiest to verify so we can start forming a top 10 template.

    It will take you players to help make this work. I am game so lets give our .COM Hall of Famers the recognition they deserve. :)

  • Hello,

    This wonderful exercise can never be considered as even "started", unless TG scans the forum and creates what can be considered as a backbone of HoF..

    Moreover, why are we creating one only for .COM and not Global, from all servers? Many great battles and armies were created in Regional servers.

    To the point: We have been creating a HOF since 2008. More than 250 armies registered for x1, x2, and x3 speed servers, for the 3 main Tribes, Hammers and Rammers only, for non capital and capital armies. Consumption, Attack Force, Nationality, server info, etc.

    Dear Travian Moderators,

    Isn't it easier to do the scanning needed in the Forum Archive, start your HoF, and let's cross data to see what we got. We all know its not an easy exercise, but it somehow unfair to ask members to fill in the information that you should already be having in the forum.. And that can be only the start.

    Kind regards,

    If you have an off army that you think belongs at the Travian Hall of Fame, let me know! We keep records from 2008 until today, from x1, x2, and x3 servers, for the main 3 tribes, made from either capital or non capital.

    Most recent army: T4.4/ X1/ Svelto Converter - Battle reports Travian

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