Account blocked or Brains blocked

  • Hey guys. Have a good day.

    I think Vietnamese mods are out of there minds.
    Weeks ago, me and my friends were blocked accounts once because of using same device to login. And same connection too. Note: We are all students, and we live together.
    It took 3 days then they get the idea that we share internet connection. We have to closed 2 accounts because they were login in same device, 4 others are fine to play.
    Today, we're all blocked again, and I'm so tired to explain for them once more. Are they out of their minds? Jesus.

    We're thinking about quitting the game. Worst experience of my life. Come back after 5 years, and about to quit again.
    Anyone was in the same problems? What should we do?

  • so two are banned and 4 are released ... why dnt u guys dual each other ? it will help lower gold use and relax time too.. dnt push too much ofc as u said u guys use same device so i am pretty sure only one player plays at same time so why not play in one account than 6?...
    just my noob opinion.. ofc even if i live in dorm and use same connection i will love to play for 2 hours each

  • Hi. Please address your complaint to Admin (IGM message) instead of Multihunter, so that he could look into that issue. Forum is not the place where we can discuss ingame bans due to privacy reasons and without looking at accounts it's nothing more than guessing and speculating.

    All ingame bans should go via Customer Service team. You can also address your complaint on a higher level, but only after talking to Customer Service Representative. He'll give you information about where to address upon your request.

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • Not everyone is into dualing and 1 acc with 6 people is a nightmare, 3 accs with 2 players would make more sense and sitter coverage would be better, if one was a top farming acc.

    But most of the time MH doesn't believe such things anymore, because many use such things as excuses, so it gets harder to believe.

    Oh boy ... Then you would have hated my account in the Quals of 2016 I believe. We had 8 duals on the account and named our account Le Attonde in similar fashion. The only thing bad about this is that people get lazy thinking that others will cover. But it was a fun experience. Tons of gold and real 24x7 activity ... Good times :)

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