comx , Official thread. LETS GO!

  • Ciao Mazza, from what i know there will be a lot of competition in the next round. Are you looking for a premade alliance? You could play with lemon and jaruby, they will not play to win with a WW, but they will win for sure in the forum.But if you want WW victory ask to Aliens.

    hi, i already have my alliance :) i was just asking to have more information about next round :D

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  • Well i'm not sure any strong alliances want to come if it is to fight a low level alliance such as berry ||

    lol.... that's the only reason people come to comx.

    Bo knows! Mace are like bees... a few of them are harmless but a swarm will kill you.
    Blah blah blah.... been playing sense US started then quit that domain. Im morbid/pika/thrawn/noob juice etc....
    I've played on all the English speaking servers many many times along with a few others I never understood a single IGM sent to me.

  • Lemon,
    for the "scared" Germans I can confirm: If you guys are up to make up for your poor play last year... you know our offer:
    - quad announced
    - stay central
    - no help from outside ally.

    That's the challenge you are asking for? Or a little bit too much for you?


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  • I've thought about it. I'd be also fine to destroy the alliance in which Myrsomething played. The one who did all the work for ALIENS and were - objectively speaking - a bit better than YD when it came to planned OPs.
    They sometimes did the same YD-tactics (just send 5-10 hammer at the target and hope you throw enough at them to steal/chief) but on occasions I saw that they could do better. Soo... I forgot their name, but if I play, it might be worth it to show up as well? I have a feeling those guys are not settling 150 fields away to stay out of harms way. They look for conflict the same way we do. At least that was my impression.

  • Dont think their entire ally is comning Enti. But ive been told a handfull will most likely side with Aliens for the upcoming server.

    They see me rolling
    They hating

  • Well i'm not sure any strong alliances want to come if it is to fight a low level alliance such as berry ||

    UKX players talking abt skill, dont make me laugh kiddo

    Legend says if you whisper his name three times, he will appear


    Sup son

  • Oi ukx is the bomb what ya chattin bout lad

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  • So ALIENS will be 250 members once again? Nothing new

    Gotta remember that it’s difficult for 250 members to sim all round and then get the victory, cause everyone else have been fighting each other.

  • - You found quad through spies last anyways so there is no problem with this.
    - Your version of central is different than ours. I consider central anything within 200/200. If you don't go that far out than an alliance of 60 players will be on 50% croppers.
    - This is fine besides spies. I'm pretty sure I yelled at Bruce more for outside allies than you did anyways.