Sunday school for newbies

  • I have a question :( how/when/why/how much natars build troops? :/
    I volunteer as guide too btw. Should have answers about 90% of game mechanics specially if it doesn't concern the natars which might be RNG for all i know

    Hi fnx

    We common mortals don't know the alghorythms that decide when and why natars build troops.
    But we have some infos. Consider natars as a regular nearly-active farm. This means that a village with 400 pop has a higher probability of creating troops than a 100 pop natar village.

    To overcome the problem you can destroy crops, main building, barrack and stable. This has to be done regurarly, maybe once each 3-4 days (in x1 servers to a 200+ pop natar village) to be sure to not have any problem.

    In addition:
    Many tried to answer this question and i thought about it:
    Natars build troops when they have resources. Thinking about it this way, raiding all the time the villages without crannys shouldn't let them to build any troop or wall/residence.
    Still didn't tested it, but it's a nice theory. Check it out sometimes and let me know

  • What lvl should rally point be to reveal the attackers units or whether he is attacking with hero only ??

    Hi ABDO,

    The defender's rally point must be higher than the attacker to reveal the attacking troops. If you want to know the attacker's rally point level, just scout his/her defense. It will reveal the attacker's rally point level if your scouts survive. :D

  • What lvl should rally point be to reveal the attackers units or whether he is attacking with hero only ??

    It just has to be higher than the amount of troops incoming.

    If you have rally point lvl2, you can see all the attacks that have only 1 troops (only hero, for example).
    If you have rally point lvl20, you can see all the attacks with 19 or less troops.

  • you finally got help? Or you still need help? Can't understand from your post.

  • I like this general idea. Of course, we have the questions section of the forum which covers some of it. Given that Travian is not about to spend the resources to create group chats when apps like Skype, Discord and Whatsapp are out there, perhaps there could be something similar set up by veteran players for those platforms? A place where all questions are welcome and newbies can get a little help? Assuming that such a thing is desirable and doable, it would certainly help if we could get at least provisional approval by Travian for it so that they could be advertised with some sort of notice in game so the newbies could find them. I suspect it would take a little time and perhaps some training for the volunteers before such approval was forthcoming.

  • Standard shorthand for making yourself an unappealable farm is, spend down, cranny up and dodge.
    Most, but not all, farmers will not continue to farm if they get no resources, lose no troops and kill no troops.

  • I added the list of volunteers to the first post. If anyone has specific area s/he prefer to work with, let me know and I will add it next to your name.

  • Where exactly have I said that I volunteer?

    I mean, my own grasp of the game is quite poor itself.

  • I don't mind helping, but would need a better grasp of the game, sorry. :D

  • really? russian support wrote only domain which play there. Internation(com,arabia) and domain in groups.

  • So together with @ELE and @BlackBlade we are making an Unoffficial Travian Discord server. It includes every english speaking domain.

    The main reason we are doing so, that it is simpler to ask questions in Q&A section and for other people to ask questions and others can contribute to the answers. We just started it today, so we are looking for people to slowly join and contribute. It can also be a place to disscuss domain-wide/server-wide discussions.
    Here is a join link: Discord
    Feel free it to share it with anyone you feel like would enjoy such a thing. The link should never expire.
    If you have any questions, feel free to join it and ask away :D

  • But if you want everyone to join you need to post it in every english speaking domain.

    Com, Us, Uk Au/Nz and Za.

    Still don't see why make a discord for things that can be done here + every new player will first look on the forum for help, not browse discords.