After a player has passed away

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  • Some of us were raiding villages from player Grid. And got igm’s back, saying Grid passed away a few months ago and “Way to go dude. That is dark”.
    How were we supposed to know this, if no one says anything about it. To be honest, I hardly ever check the ally page of a player, if I’m only interested in his/her villages.

    I just had a look and saw that there is a separate ally for Grid, and an In Memoriam on the description page. We now know about the sad fact that this player is no longer with us.
    We are very sorry about that, and of course out of respect we won’t raid any of Grid’s villages (mind you, troops can still be on their way while I’m writing this).

    Why won’t MH 'ban' this player? Make sure no one can raid these villages. I’m sure that asking MH to do so will be regarded as serious, assuming that pretending someone is dead just to have a player banned is beyond indecent.

    Aramis - CTL

    (maybe I should have posted this under General Discussion, instead of UK1...)

  • it has been discussed several times in the forum, but it you didn't read it, you are excused.

    We have asked MH to respect Grid and make sure nobody can raid the cities. They refused to do that.

    Please spread the information to you allymates. Since you have stopped the attacks, we will not retaliate.

    BtW the granaries and warehouses shold be demolished, so you can only get 800 of each ressource.

    Ægir - proud member of GotN and former friend of Grid.

  • it has been discussed several times in the forum, but it you didn't read it, you are excused.

    Tbf not everyone reads the forums, I dont foresure. Think I’ve actually checked the forum twice in last 2 years not including the 3 posts on the UK1 thread.

    MH should ban the account really out of respect.

  • I have been the one talking to both MH, and the HQ in Germany.... They seem to think that it's not possible for the to lock the acc due to privacy laws... I have tried to convince them that this have not been an issue before (it's been done botn on uk and dk servers) but they say their hands are tied.

    The seperate ally made in her memory were the best solution we could think of.

  • Well asking not to raid the villages is fine, but you guys were using Grids troops even after Grid had died, so you don't really have a leg to stand on.

  • I understand it's not really fun to see your passed away mate being farmed, but maybe locking him up would be a waste of good villages and oasis?

    Not like his account will last forever on that specific server, they'll be gone sooner or later anyway. :|

  • Sorry to hear about the news :( it's a very difficult issue to resolve fairly and although I'm not in-game staff, I can imagine it's a difficult topic for MH to handle when this does come up.

    Several years ago we lost an alliance member just before endgame and as a tribute we named the WW after him. If I recall correctly, his son/daughter who had never played before queued level 100 in his memory.

    I've also moved the thread to the general discussion section.

  • You should have just ask someone to make another account, log in from both grids and that new account, do some suspicious thing to give MH a reason to ban him. If you wanted him banned, you could have done it. But i personally, don't see point in doing that. Travian account is very trivial stuff when there's death involved. You should have just stop logging in with his password and let his account peacefully disappear from server, and not prolong those crappy discussions about morality in raiding it or deffing with their troops. Just leave it be. Tbh, i don't see why would someone actually still log in there and shame people who are raiding like guy mentioned in his first post.

  • Maybe we need a trav donor card type system. If I die, you are all free to raid my account for anything you want. I actually don’t think I would care that much. It’s not my account that matters, it’s the friendships and connections I’ve made in the game that count.

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • This isn’t about you Mercedes. It is about making clear that an account is being kept alive only as an In Memoriam, and not meant to be raided. Making that clear in the game is a much better way, than having teamplayers of the deceased sending angry igm’s to the raiders. And I don’t think players should have to check either the forum or a player’s profile page before they send their raids.

    Imho, the only way to prevent an account like this from being raided is to ban it. And yes Hawk, it’s probably not easy, but surely not impossible to find a decent solution for a situation like this.

  • It is true that the reality is the account of a passed away player is obsolete and should be treated as such.

    It is also true that the bodies of dead people, the materials used to bury them and the cost to do so are all wastes.

    Now if you aren’t a psychopath you’ll know it simply is not that simple. Relationships built with players online do actually mean things (to some people anyway) seeing the account of a deceased player you have enjoyed interacting with for a couple years being raided as if it means nothing would (excuse my French) piss me right off as it would anyone.

    respect should be shown

  • Erase, not ban.

    Why waste perfectly good villages? I mean, could be an acc with 5 juicy 15c villas and oh they're banned because someone passed away....

  • They had to move the account out of thier alliance as they couldn't resist abusing the account. If they had shown a bit more respect for thier deceased friend they wouldn't have needed to move the account out of thier alliance, meaning most players would have left the account alone as it would of come up as being in an active alliance

    At this stage the only way they can ensure the account is left alone would be to zero it as no one would bother raiding it tgen

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • I apologise if I seemed to make light of it. But there are two issues here and nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems.

    First of all, you can’t expect an account to be banned because people in the alliance who aren’t the account holder tell the MH the account holder has died. Quite rightly, the MH has no evidence other than the word of some players that this is true and basic protocols require more evidence before taking action.

    Secondly, how players on the server react once being made aware is down to player etiquette. The connections you get in this game and online are different but no less valuable than those you make “in real life” but the way you deal with it is different. Not raiding or attacking their account is a sign of respect. But if the account isn’t banned and it isn’t obvious from the profile, which it wouldn’t be as only the account holder can change that, then you have no way of knowing, especially if the account sitter feels that out of respect they need to keep the account going because they don’t know what else to do. That isn’t your fault, so don’t feel guilty about it.

    I lost a good online friend and we had a lot in common, so if I gave an opinion about what I think I would want, it is also what I think she would have wanted too. We value our friends and community here, but really, the account isn’t that important. When the server ends, the account is gone and it’s your memories of the person that matter,

    Slinky snail was still the best WvV player ever.

    Stand out Award 2017 UK