Alliance Leaders Meeting

  • That is an issue faced almost everywhere, not only UK. :D

    Yeah and having a night-time mode is a potential solution to that problem XD, I can't think of any other solutions ;(

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  • @playingwithfire of course I wouldn’t expect a decision like that to be made based purely on what uk thinks. I don’t see why US or AU couldn’t also have a meet if someone from those domains was prepared to organise it, or perhaps if it was going to be discussed as a definite option then definitely representatives from all three domains need to be involved. At the moment, it’s been raised because the alliance leaders here are interested in starting to explore it as an option.

  • Making alliances smaller to say 30 no naps no confeds until endgame and only allowed to confed once and join to 60 players tops maybe making endgame more interesting too and agreed to try and intice new members you have extended bp but give us of cancelling bp like t3 if you attacked you lose it
    An option on the marketplace to send all res
    I want to be able to use my cages to capture animals from players villages as well as oases
    Make large medium and small artifacts so the new players can fight over say level 5 tresury small arties and achieve something early on that the big players wont be interested in
    Make the map smaller 300/300 and the grey area smaller
    I want to see what helmet my hero has on from the picture without goi g all the way i to inventory
    Maybe a better message from support at the start making the adventure ahead more dramatic and some more help ingame with build guides and tactics
    If a new player messaged me i would be glad to help them out maybe we could have maybe a week before the server a proper alliance sign up section so on chosing your tribe area you also choose your alliance people without an alliance get a random alliance generated by the area you are in one in each quad this might make new players feel part of something when they start and may learn something early on that will kepp them interested
    Travian needs its own skype/dicord/teamspeak to encorage teamwork
    Ive played since the beginning and led x3 victories travian has changed alot along the years but it was about the 11k players that played ukx was the fun maybe this version on trav needs an app too in this tablet and smartphone world

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  • If this works well, I wondered if it would be possible to do something similar in a couple of months but with players, alliance leaders perhaps selecting one experienced and one new player from their alliance to have the opportunity to discuss and get feedback on their experiences?

    Sorry to intrude. If it does work well I do agree it should be continued, but I think ultimately that would fall on the next CM's shoulders. I don't think Ameno can keep up, especially if this spreads to other domains.

    I do like the agenda list. Good job UK leaders.

    As a US leader I would certainly be interested in a similar event if this demonstrates success. Those of us watching look forward to hearing how it goes.

  • I normally play solo and not a gold abuser but still do well finished 6th
    a night sitter is just as good as a dual too but duals make things better i think the issue could be too much bp and once that ends they realised they should have built some troops in that time but they are being hit with big clearers and build 100 troops thinking they are safe i think new players just need more guidance maybe introduce levels for ACTIVE players so say a good player would be lev 3 but couldnt attack a level 1 player until they have reached so many troops or population
    I would sooner recruit an active noob than an inactive player with some experience
    I think some new players think they can log in once a day for 20 mins and thats it ... maybe more free gold at start or put some training quests about defending your village etc
    I can get to 100 pop on the first day without buying any gold its about knowing what to build in what order and then putting in the hardwork at the start

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist

    I'm telling you this guy is protected from up on high by the Prince of Darkness
    they always said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze

  • idea for improving game experience of new players

    in other browser game which I wont name here was introduced coaching system I will try to put some main points here so people get rough idea

    firstly introduce 2 groups of players

    1. coach - player with very good knowledge of game mechanincs, tactics, playstyles (not a troll) willing to help
    2. newbie - new player or returning player who is not familiar with game seeking some guidance

    some points how system works

    - when starting new server/season etc. game offer to new players option to be coached/trained by more experienced players.

    - same goes for exp. players all of them have option to join this system.

    - by amount of new players seeking help and amount of exp players willing to help game then acquire 1 exp player to 1 newbie sometimes if pool of one or other group is smaller it can be like 1 or 2 coaches for 1 newbie or 1 coach have 2 newbies to coach

    - both coach/newbie receive igm with info who is their coach/who they coach

    - both coach/newbie can allow OP to access their accounts but they cant make any actions on accounts and have access to limited information

    - this system is time limited 4-8 weeks depeding on server/season lenght

    - on the end of both players get some ingame rewards

    from my own exp when this system was implemented in game it was very welcomed by both groups of players as more difficult games have a lot to learn to be able compete with old timers. It helped to keep new players and increased quality of gameplay for both groups so overall game experience went up

    I CAN

    GOTN = Group Of The Noobs = 38 members with 70+ multi/push accounts = cross quad meta with 200+ players = pathetic

  • i think bigger players have little time at the start for a fulltime padwa but maybe once you lose your bp another set of quests for newbies
    Defending your village
    Attacking another player
    Defending another player etc
    And a message sent when you get your first raid and scouting from another player so peeps know what their otions are
    Once you have done your quests and make a new village the noob is on their own some dont make it to the second village
    In the old days the trick would be restart with my gold link and i will look after you so maybe some bonus to the top players maybe they could recieve a res percentage bonus for players mentored as long as they arent used to multi and cheat

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist

    I'm telling you this guy is protected from up on high by the Prince of Darkness
    they always said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze

  • I am Troy from Betrayed, so you got me.

  • I got you babe ;)

    Meeting attendees tomorrow at 7pm

    Slow Servers
    Medusa - MM
    SR - MFH
    Misschief - TE
    Thor - GoTn

    Speed servers
    Blucey - GTB

    Fire and Sand

    I will also be present to facilitate.


    1 Player numbers - what marketing is being planned to increase them
    2 regular invitations to players to give suggestions on game improvements, and a commitment for devs to consider and comment on the most popular.
    3 what data does trav have on when new players generally leave, like percentage who leave in the first x days, and/or any feedback or questionnaires or reasons they leave. Alliance leaders feel they could play more of a part in player retention if they had this information.
    4 overhauled tutorial including a few raiding attacks against a player, to teach different options for dealing with it (cranny, defend, spend down), and more information emphasising alliances
    5 fixed start dates for servers and fewer servers per domain. More notice given of server starts.
    6 simple in-game chat or shoutbox, possible archive - when is this likely to be introduced?
    7 leader tools (group messaging, confed messaging, logging def calls)
    8 official videos / guides / how-to's for new players with links to a game overview video at the end of the tutorial
    9 Translation option available on all servers
    10 Merge the English speaking domains - UK/US/AU
    11 When is the improved trade route being implemented
    12 Croppers more concentrated in the centre of the map
    13 Specific holidays for domains
    14 Free starter pack - eg x3 NPC, x3 Instant build, x3 troop evasion to encourage more players to see the benefits of gold use
    15 When is the next version due?
    16 F&S - limit on troop numbers merged per day

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  • He doesent need to be leading a ally atm, but that he has done it on previous servers is enough.

  • Cause unlike some, he's capable of normal communication and that is a damn good reason I'd say, but just my guess here.

  • Right, so it's basically just a chat of people that Meme prefers over others. Thanks for clarifying :)

  • Hahaha very good point. Either way, the fact that people think an extra chat with selected people in it is going to make a difference is funny. TG already have all the feedback they need, and even if they didn't, they know exactly how to get it. TG simply don't care, and making a chat of "leaders" isn't suddenly going to make them care.

    Of all the work you've done for this domain Meme, both as a crew member and not, this is the biggest waste of your time and effort. It's just causing cliques to be made and enforced, no new ideas are being produced and TG won't take this more seriously than they have anything else.

  • I believe Lemon was added as he went to Germany to discuss many things with TG so his input could prevent duplication. Seems entirely logical to me.

    The "leaders" are added as the have the ability to represent the views of their whole alliance.

    I am not sure what cliques are being formed