Alliance Leaders Meeting

  • That sounds great Blackblade and I really rate the fact you've been proactive.

    For me the platform would need to be in some format officially recognised by TG which is accessible to Ameno, device and/or decision makers to provide responses. An unofficial site will never be worth its weight for this particular purpose in my view.

    I think one of the things Ameno mentioned that really struck a chord with me is that she and the Devs need to make a decision as to whether the Devs spend more time listening to and responding to our queries or actually developing. Ameno said that they had decided that she would answer the queries and feedback ideas so the Devs could actually focus all their efforts on game improvements.

    The disconnect for me is that whilst the Devs are certainly putting a lot of time and effort into advancing the game (the results are clear when you look at how much the game has changed in almost 15 years), the improvements cited are very rarely, in my experience, those requested by the community.

    TG implements fundamental game changes that are a much bigger overhaul than a lot of our suggestions on a regular basis, so I would submit that certainly there is the developer time to consider implementing some of these changes. If they are not going to be implemented we just want to know why, because we strongly feel that putting some of these changes are the first step to (yeah, I'm really going to say this) making Travian great again.

    Whether the response is: 'No we can't do this because of x, y and z,' 'We like these ideas, but we're currently prioritising dev time on a,b and c, so it may be 12-24 months before you see any of these implemented,' or even, 'these suggestions aren't compatible with the T4 platform, but we're hoping to implement some in T5,' any sort of meaningful response would be a first step to show TG are prepared to commence a dialogue.

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  • what I would really like to do, if the others in the leaders room agree, is to post some transcripts of some of the discussions that were held there.

    In three days of almost wall to wall 24/7 talk there was nothing but positivity, creativity, dynamism. In some instances real surprise - slow players discovering how much top speed players spend on gold was a real wow moment for a lot of us. Despite such disparate people coming together who will happily tear each other apart in game and on the forum, there was not one single second of animosity, either between each other or towards TG, it was all completely constructive. It was really wonderful to see representatives from the whole community coming together with so many ideas to share and such willingness to listen to each other.

    After such an amazing experience I would really like to see a better conclusion than the transcript of a failed meeting, for which I totally take responsibility,

    Ameno suggested a thread for each item which she would be able to respond to and I know she has put in time and effort finding answers to all the points raised, I will put my thinking cap on and see if I can come up with a solution to how this could be accomplished that doesn’t just mean me posting multiple threads.

    Also, because it was such a positive and creative experience, I wondered if people would be interested in putting a similar group together perhaps bi-monthly from a cross section of the community, rather than just leaders, with the aim of putting together more ideas or discussions to bring to the forum in a constructive way? Even suggestions for new guides that could be collaborated on?

    You might also be interested to know that there is still active discussion going on right now about the possibility of having an all alliance uk server. Blame the notorious mr crunchie mccrunchface for starting that one off.

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  • If you want to encourage new players to play and then use gold the how about a beginners server that all players get 600 gold a month to use. You could not let any registered emails play so it’s a one time thing. Award a medal for people to display or something with rank of where you came to encourage players to start again. Obviously gold wound be transferable. Put a massive emphasis on using the forum to find out info. A new players advice section maybe. Love this game but if numbers carry on to drop then how longs it got left....