Daily Quests

  • The 100 point daily quest becomes more expensive, but the prizes are still the same.

    Now asking for 6 x 20,000 resources just to maybe get 400 culture points or 400 hero points or 16k or 20k res?

    Not worth it.

    Prizes should increase too.

  • when did it increase?

  • I think its fair.
    It increases on every 5th village you own. So I think its 6x1k when you have 1-5 villages, then 6x5k when you have 6-11 villages etc etc.
    Since the overall production of your account is going up, that would mean that you are essentially paying less for 400 hero exp, so they adjusted the costs. Its not something unbearable. And you have to know, you are INVESTING in the alliance bonus as well, its not like you are throwing away the resourses. If you have 6x20k = 120k to give to alliance bonus, you can do 40k with gold bonus of x3 and you get it as well.

    Even if you arent willing to do that, you are still putting the resourses to the alliance AND getting the reward out of it. Its a win-win. (Plus, you are expected to give more to the alliance bonus as the time goes by, since the resourses needed to unluck even the 3rd stage are huge and if everyone would be putting 6k a day in, there is no way you would get to the 4th stage ever).