UK4 Discussion Thread

  • For raiding start you actually don't need that much gold, under 200 gold if you do it properly and carefully, it's interesting to experiment with different things rather than just following the guides that are usually good but not the fastest way possible. If done properly and with some luck, raiding start can give you 2nd village before someone who maybe bought 1st or 2nd glad helmet. So at the end, sometimes it can actually save you money or don't disadvantage you over someone who uses a lot of gold and buys stuff but uses the same exact guide to settle 2nd village.Simming anvils? Who's gonna feed that on server this small :P

    The game should be balanced with the right mix of veterans and newbies. We need newbies so that they graduate to veterans after a while. This way the player base keeps growing or at least doesn't shrink. Maybe that's a tough thing to ask in a game that rewards activity. Beginner's protection and vacation are good ways already helping newbies. Maybe more could be done.

  • i'm misunderstood you then probably, i thought you were talking about second village race only so i just gave my input on that :)

  • i'm misunderstood you then probably, i thought you were talking about second village race only so i just gave my input on that :)

    No, you were right about early raiding. At the same time, I was also talking about making this game easier for newbies.

  • how many players GOTN brought to uk4 this time? dont need to include your push accounts and multis...

    I CAN

    GOTN = Group Of The Noobs = 38 members with 70+ multi/push accounts = cross quad meta with 200+ players = pathetic

  • It has been long enough for players to get a good idea of when they and their teammates can settle village #2. When do folks think the earliest settlers will be moving? And when will the big rush of settlers start out?

  • think saturday for the helmets

    sunday morning for the next quickest and sunday evening for the quick

    yo devil, you going to tell people what account you are on this time or do we have to put up with your pointless boasts all server?

  • Blofeld looks like he is throwing first party already, or is very he could do it if continues to raid like this. After we witnessed it happen on uk1, why not here aswell. But my prime suspect for 2nd village is Benzopila, he jumped in raidings really high, and plus there were those 5-6 benzopilatemp accounts around which raised my suspicions. Although i don't see them anymore :S

  • Population growth, comparison to similar accounts who are doing it already...take your pick. Or maybe simply fireworks is visible above his village.

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  • Not boasting simple said I am starting residence

    Not much of a boast

    And no why would I need to tell people what account I’m on

    My Skype name has my ingame name on it if I don’t have you on Skype your a nobody so don’t need to tell you In that case