UK4 Discussion Thread

  • those poor trees, such a waste, but the numbers, reminds me of a recently splattered UK1 alliance, hmmm can't quite recall who

    anglo 1: somewhere

    Anglo 2: something

    Anglo 3: someone

    Anglo 7: hyperion :thumbsup:

  • I believe he had much more artillery, most likely just stored somewhere else. Not sure they were in his cap though. But it's actually stuff for afterthought that 1k more rams would have won him the battle, thus preventing the conquest that took place later that same second.

  • So it has ended, and I'm left with a bittersweet taste in my mouth. My alliance won, and I performed decently I believe. Not bad for a comeback, ending as top attacker, top raider, top 5 pop, and conquering multiple hammers. So why is the victory bittersweet, you ask? IMO the server was stained by quite a few issues, and they were not handled very well. The low population of less than 200 total active players during the initial ww race makes my above stats worthless in the big picture.

    And then there's the cheating. I actually stopped playing a couple of days after our ww was hacked with troops returned moments before all the hammers landed. The server was prolonged a month, and it didn't affect the outcome. Maybe this cannot be prevented without implementing two-factor auth, and probably not even then, so let's just discuss the consequences. In NGU we were around 40 active accounts, most being dedicated anvils. These people trained defense for the better part of a year, and they were robbed of their big moment of crushing the enemy hammers. They were robbed of their defense stats, the only way anvils can measure their junk. I can't say if the #1 defender would have changed, but I guess we will never learn that. At the same time, the attacker list was corrupted as well. I lost my #1 spot, and although I might have lost it anyway, we cannot know how the outcome would have been. When I checked yesterday, hannibal was leading with around 50k, so I think it's safe to assume that without the hacking event, I would have won comfortably. Others might have finished relatively better as well. I know, many of you will say that pop or stats or whatever doesn't matter, only who wins the ww. But you are wrong, because the stats are there, and you can do both. And the vast majority of players on any given server will not have the opporunity to control a ww or even get near the top of any lists, all they have are their individual results.

    As stated earlier, it's hard to prevent cheating. It happens everywhere, no matter the consequences. But it seems clear to me that TG does not have a plan for when stuff like this happens. Actually, it seems like they barely have a plan for dealing with cheating in general, they just hope the respective MH's catch as many as possible, but this is next to impossible without the proper tools. And even with the proper tools, it doesn't matter if they act late and ignore consequences. A fine example is this specific hacking event that massively altered the game experience for at least 25% of the server while corrupting both the attacker and defender lists. It doesn't matter if the hacker was caught and banned if the end result stands. TG desperately need to address these things, and they need a transparent approach for when it happens. I have been told that cheating is even worse on tournament servers, and that most experienced players do not even go near them because of this.

    It feels like the players these days are more polarized than ever, that either you run the clean game or it's no holds barred. I witnessed as much with my very first post on this forum, where people were almost standing in line to insult me. The tone on the forums is a lot more direct. We always insulted each other on the forums, but in a much more subtle way, with more finesse. At least that's how I remember it, could be I just got more sensitive over the years. I think this is mostly due to all the preformed alliances going around, people are playing with the same teams more or less, coordinating when to start and where to settle. When you always work with the same crew, you grow oblivious to how the world works outside this isolated environment, and you end up confirming each other, growing ever more righteous or lowering the post for what is passable behavior.

    My conclusion is that I'm not sure I want to start new servers. At least not until TG develops some sort of strategy to combat cheating. They happily take our money, we can expect them to invest in our game experience.

  • I was made aware that this happened to NGU their previous server as well?

  • I wouldn't know, I just joined them by coincidence this server after many years break. I wonder how the server would have shaped out, if my buddy had started in one of the other quads. I am, after all, just a glorified sitter / RL buddy to the account owner. I was tagged to handle things for a week last july while he was on vacation, and then I sort of stuck around.

  • Cheating? Do tell.

    Only the winning team could, for the lack of a better word, bitch about cheating.

    Usually it was the losers who accused the winners of cheating. Guess Queenie here wanted to turn this franchise around.

    Dead... Everyone is gone.

  • Someone sent over 75% of our D home with a hammer train on the way.

    That's not cheating, that's just a nasty move.

    And also often poor WW holder acc management.