• Day 1. How to get into trouble

    "Edward!" mother’s voice sounded disturbingly close and the boy almost fell off the tree. "How many times have I told you to stop watching our neighbor! It’s not polite!" She gave him a quick forgiving smile before frowned again. "Did you steal something from the old man’s house?"
    "I found it outside!" replied the boy, yet clearly avoiding to look in her eyes, "It looks like an old riddle and I just want to solve it, that’s all."

    Task: Solve the riddle.
    "... in the village I came across a haeduan and a druidrider who had a very strange habit.
    The haeduan lied every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but he told the truth on the other days.
    While the druidrider lied every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but told the truth on the other days.
    "Yesterday was one of my lying days," said the haeduan.
    "Yesterday was one of my lying days, too," said the druid.
    What was the day of the week, when the traveler asked them this question?

    REMEMBER....You only have 24 hours to solve this riddle