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  • I think wishmaster3 means something like this maybe? Ridder Huma

    Slovenski off rekordi. [1x in 3x]

    It's not really polished and whatnot, but it showcases all time best known hammers from each version of the game. I've sorted by raw strenght, rather than consumption though.

    I know Mercedes had a better looking one, but I can't find it on mobile at the moment.

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  • Well, I am open for additions to the HoF.

    What do you mean with overall off/def points rankings? For the HoF I do, does contain ranking for both players and alliances's off and def (The 10 most successful attackers and The 10 most successful defenders for players and The 10 best alliances (attack) and The10 best alliances (defense) for alliances) or are you think of something else?

    I dont know if this is discussed, but it was interesting to see "Most Unique Artefacts Held" and "Slowest WW victories"/"Fastest WW victories" in uk domain. And as said, all time records (if available).

    Noel, 8:13 PM

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