Day 1. How to get into trouble

  • "Edward!" mother’s voice sounded disturbingly close and the young pathfinder – still essentially a boy – nearly fell from the tree. "Yes, here you are again! How many times have I told you to stop watching our neighbor! Do you really want to spend the rest of your days cursed as a chicken?"
    "Mom! He's just an old man!" Edward looked embarrassed but was still smiling when he jumped down the tree. "If he turned everyone who looks at him into a chicken, we would already have a whole village of them! He is eccentric, yes, but I don't believe he could do that."
    "Still, it's not polite." She gave him a quick forgiving smile before frowned again. "What's that in your pocket? Did you steal something from the old man’s house? Show me at once!"
    "I never stole anything!" replied the boy, yet clearly avoiding to look in her eyes, "I found it outside! It looks like an old riddle and I just want to solve it, that’s all."

    Task: Solve the mysterious riddle that Edward borrowed from the old druid's house.

    "… in the village I came across two guards – a haeduan and a druidrider – who had a very strange habit.
    The haeduan lied every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but he told the truth on the other days.
    While the druidrider lied every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but told the truth on the other days.
    Unfortunately, I traveled too long and I lost count of the days, so, I needed to know for sure what day it was before asking them for directions. They gave me the following hints:
    "Yesterday was one of my lying days," said the haeduan.
    "Yesterday was one of my lying days, too," said the druid."

    What was the day of the week, when the traveler asked them this question?

    Please, note: You have exactly 24h to solve that riddle and post the solution in this thread.

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • It was thursday when the traveler asked the question, the haeduan was telling the truth ( he lies on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays), and the druid was lying since thursdays is one of his lying days, he lied about wednesday being a lying day for him.

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  • The day of the week was Thursday, since Haeduan said the truth about lying on Wednesday but druid is lying about lying on Wednesday cause he can't lie on that day.


  • Answer: Thursday.
    Putting the information in a table makes it easier to solve. We’ll use 'H' for Haeduan, 'D' for Druidrider, T (true) for truth and F (false) for lying.

    H T F F F T T T
    D T T T T F F F

    To begin with, there aren’t any days where both of them told the truth and lied the day before, so we know one of them must be lying.
    So we have two options, either 'Haeduan' is lying or 'Druidrider' is.
    Option 1. Haeduan is lying.
    In order for this to be the case, he needs to be lying today and telling the truth yesterday, so we need two days in a row with T F. And if Druidrider is telling the truth, he would need two days with F T. That means we’re looking for two days that have
    Haeduan: T FDruidrider: F TOption 2. Druidrider is lying.
    This is just the reverse of the above, so we need to find:
    Haeduan: F TDruidrider: T FThe only day that matches either of the two options is Thursday, and it’s option 2. Druidrider is the liar.