Ok who is coming or returning

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  • i suggest dont go SW ... go any others and allie up or fight each other .
    Good fun server
    Close server
    Clean server
    Bot free pls TG
    Lots of killing

    I will be in SW if you come their and not my friend then your not my friend ..

    Have fun all . Its a game

  • I was wondering who was playing as well. I have time on my hands now and figured I could jump in. I'd need a strong, muscular alliance to protect me in exchange for remuneration in the form of Skype spam, maybe. We can work something out.

  • it's been a while since last time i played
    but something weird with this server
    why no one built a second ville yet ?
    and what's the deal with 5 day protection ? i don't recall it' was that long :(

    anyways, i see "THOSE THONE" ally who r trying for more branches
    i don't like it but i feel they gonna break relations
    both of them have a big spread players. at least that :thumbsup: 'S WHAT I HOPE

  • I hear those guys cannot be trusted. One second you're shoulder to shoulder with them, and the next BAM! Locked away in a trapper.

  • nah there is only few good players there but the rest just for show business i bet they
    3500 attack points for 36 players ? i can go check everyone stats but i don't see the point
    this ally will BREAK

  • I hear their top raider has been even been banned! Can you believe it?

    Edit: Sorry, I was wrong. It was actually a GOAT Z player. My bad.

  • i see lol it's fun to see these guys get banned bcz they kill the fun

    i saw a Helmet of the Gladiator for 250,000 yesterday !! was i drunk ? it's still going for at least 10000 but a 250k is just stupid

  • who knows a good alliance with real people who want to have fun
    and something without 999 branch
    it's crazy that every guy on my 50% zoom full-screen map are on the same branch !! there is no one to attack !

    i just left mine because all accounts belong to one guy, well almost all,

  • "write a motivated application describing your experience and plans for the server as thorough as possible. And have patience - we get way more requests than we have room for.

    Membership applications, showing that you have not read and fully understood this introduction will not be answered!"

    WOW i'm out of words !! i thought travian was a game not collage

  • It- it's not fat! Is muscles! Or big bones! Or extra padding from clothes! Like a bear of a researcher exploring the antarctic wastes!