Villages after Bans

  • Hello everyone.
    I'm just trying to open a discussion about fate of A Player's Village(s) After the action of ( Ban )
    I think that the villages should be open to be raided due to the fact that so many people use scripts and getting banned
    The whole area around my village is filled with Banned villages that I can't farm there are like 3 players around me and they are in my ally and literally the nearest farm is about 80 fields away ;-;
    I never check the forum so if there was any former discussion about this then I'm sorry to bother
    Anyways have a good day/evening c:


  • Why should they be open to farming?

    It's probably someknes multies in many cases so re-opening them for farming would literally bring you back to where you started.

  • It would open farming to everyone rather than having someone controlling the resources in the village so only specific people can get res.

    I think it’s a good idea, unless drastic action is taken to stop the cheating (which let’s face it, isn’t going to happen) then you may as well open them up for everyone to farm.

  • Either open for everyine or close for everyone.

    Keeping banned would still be best, since some might send reinf in their multi cause they're salty and then watch the world burn.

  • Happaens anyway, but if someones personal one gets spiked he can simply timehis spikings to certain people, so stupid anyway...

  • I meant that the Owner of that village Yes is banned but at least other players can still attack their village rather than its just there sitting with an infinite beginner's protection