Path to Pandora Discussion Thread

  • What is that pandora thing?

    Hint about this year's special server


    com83(beta): rastogi2008

    com29(NYS5x): Slavefactory

    Eye halve a spelling chequer, it came with my pea sea.
    It plainly marques, four my revue, miss steaks eye kin knot sea.
    Eye strike a quay and type a word And weight four it two say
    weather eye am wrong oar write It shows me strait a weigh.

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  • Just opening this up as I am sure there is or will be some questions and stuff to discuss.

    Currently I cannot add anything other then what you already see at this time.
    It looks pretty exciting though and hope you all will enjoy what is to come.


    Need.. more.. info..

    ..And that is the Final Word.

  • I think they've gone for some Travian Kingdoms ideas, idk but it looks hot :love: also since when could Birds speak fluent English? :D these Natars are truly a special tribe :)

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  • More like just a smile, the hug and kiss follow, but everyone knows that there's no *coughing* around with Travian, so that's where it ends. :D

  • I am happy to take your confusion by my hand and introduce to you one of the this year new special features for Path to Pandora:


    - You can only spy if your hero wears the worn out Sandals of the senator Gnaeus Titianus
    - You can only spy if you had been sent out ten years ago to experience the tribes and explore the fruitful lands of travian. As proof you need to set your Veteran Medal 10a on your profile.
    - You can only and exclusively spy out Roman accounts. If you choose to play the Roman tribe, be aware that nothing on your account will stay personal.
    - You can only spy if you have an Egyptian capital next to the Roman account you want to spy out. If not then their attention wouldn't be dispersed enough and they would easily catch you in the act. Whenever this happens, one square of the map will turn gray - and if a region fully turned gray the artefact and its effect will be lost to the Natarian tribe - forever.

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  • So you are saying that I shouldn’t keep my hopes up for a lemon tribe? :huh:

    You wouldn’t even need to write to write any tribe history yourself...Google got you covered, please make it happen :rolleyes:

    Lemon which is now a commonly used and easily available fruit was once a part of luxury items just like a bungalow or car is today. The citrus fruit which is a cash crop was brought in Rome from Israel and ruling elite used to show off the asset, a study has found.

    Initially, the Romans only had access to rough-skinned citrons, also known as etrogim - mostly rind and dry tasteless flesh. While citrus orchards are today common in Mediterranean regions, the fruits are not native to the Mediterranean, instead, they came from Southeast Asia.

    According to the study, the citron arrived in Rome from what is now Israel and the earliest botanical remains of the citron were identified in a Persian royal garden near Jerusalem and dated to the 5th-4th centuries BC. "The first remains of the earliest lemon, found in the Roman Forum, date to right around the time of Jesus Christ, the end of the first century BC and early first century AD," said Dafna Langgut, an archaeobotanist at the Tel Aviv University in Israel.

    "My findings show that citrons and lemons were the first citrus fruits to arrive in the Mediterranean and were status symbols for the elite. All other citrus fruits most probably spread more than a millennium later for economic reasons," Langgut said.

    "It appears that the citron was considered a valuable commodity due to its healing qualities, symbolic use, pleasant odour and rarity. Only the rich could have afforded it. Its spread, therefore, was helped more by its high social status, its significance in religion and its unique features, rather than its culinary qualities," Langgut added.

  • I asked to get Pink Fluffly Unicorns as mount for the Hero the first week I was working here in Munich. I got a no for an answer, but in my opinion it could have totally worked.

    You should first learn how to spot fakes with under 20 troops. :whistling::D