Happy’s trick to faster set up trade routes

  • Hey, many of you might already know of this, but for those who doesn’t this will be a timesaver.

    When you set up your first trade route click return or ‘swipe back’ it will remember all the info and you’ll only have to change the time.

    As far as I know this only works from iPhone, but if anyone wants to give it a try from something else feel free to come back here with feedback.

    Credits for this trick goes to Namu as he was the one who showed me

  • I use chrome and just CTRL + click save and it opens in a new tab with the route saved, close the tab and you're back on the screen with all the data still inputted :D

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  • I knew this few years back, during comx 2014. @Sirona_COM showed us this trick.
    Its work from iphone, chrome aswell samsung browser. I am playing mostly from phone and its make my life easier while creating trade route :D

    Once again thankyou Sirona for sharing this knowledge :thumbup: I miss you.