• On server uk4 a player signed up with several multi accounts, all using the same name with 'temp1' etc added to the end of the account name..

    Why was this player not banned? Has there been a change in the rules that make it Ok to sign up with multiple accounts and then choose which one to keep based on 'best' location?? :cursing:

  • How about reporting that to the MH, who can actually do something unlike the forum Crew?


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  • there has been loads of discussions on the forum recently on how to improve the game and how to retain new players.... no 1 priority should be getting rid of cheats.

    I know that the forum staff/admin can't do anything about the cheats, but I'm sure Trav hq do keep an eye on the forums and use it as a gauge of how the community feel about the game. I know that posting here won't do anything about a particular cheat on a particular server, but the more players publicly complain about these cheats, the more Trav hq will be aware of the problem :)

  • got to agree with this player he created a lot of accounts with same name just adding temp to end of it ... if that is not multiaccounting then what is

    I CAN

    GOTN = Group Of The Noobs = 38 members with 70+ multi/push accounts = cross quad meta with 200+ players = pathetic

  • If the player has been reported in game, the Multihunter is aware of it and will handle it. Discussion on the forum will not have any impact on what is happening.

    This thread will be locked.