s1 traitor spies and surprises 2018

  • Long and tough road ahead if we want to win. But what is certain is that GG habe about 0,1% to win. Pretty much if 90% accounts delete and youll barely have enough to capture to WW. Let alone def it against natars :D

  • John said you joined to have fun and not to win. You achieved that and the remaining players have my respect. I talk a lot of bad stuff about GG, but in the end, it was fun and interesting :)

  • Well, on one side grapes are easier to eat, but on the other you can mush strawberries together thus getting a lot of red with a mushy pulp, and once you get that you can just pretend you are eating the remains of your last victim....

    Soooo id say strawberries ^^

  • i drink more tea but its chamomile tea not the black one people here drink with milk like weirdos.
    When it comes to caffeine i drink a lot of energy drinks so no point in drinking coffee haha

  • This was beautiful.You should grace the forum with some of your other short stories

    Also GG LUL

  • totally to plan
    he's shown himself can't be trusted
    clearly hasn't been honest with you
    you can only trust him as long as your winning. is that trust? Nah

    job done

    Right, everyone saying he did the right thing because your alliance has been pathetic this round (emphasis on the this round part).

    I hate there for i am

    Hatred is passion, pure emotion. Glad to see you embrace it

    Yes we all fear death

    You don't speak for me

    OMG pineapple on pizza izzzzzzzzzz amazeballs

    Like literally ham and pineapple pizza fave of all time

    ah politics

    oh wait, is that someone not suddenly an expert on trump and the US government? I feel that is more what these idiots should be debating

    Edit: That doesn't mean I am a trump supporter, it means i think your opinion on how a country should be run is irrelevant

  • I’m not sure how GG have been pathetic this round. After winning two servers on the trot a few players decided to have a fun smashy server. Everyone knew we weren’t going for the win when GG was formed. We’ve had fun so it’s been a success.

  • think that's more to do with keepcalm and his one man army of accounts . but I'd need to check in how many times he didn't bother replying .

    as for last server. totally burnt out building a hammer . 2 anvils and helping feed a ww.

    so totally fine with this server . oddly though for us being so rubbish. I do wonder why you keep trying to get us to join?

  • Keep trying? Some of your players messages us. After that, I got sent the contact of St George and we talked. He said he would MM to have a vote on the decision. You declined.
    We tried once, like you tried last server. Its a fair decision and I respect it.
    But dont put it like we are trying desperately to get you in our boat.