UK1 Endgame Analysis

We are testing a brand new User Interface, a new background and some other small changes on our PTRx3 gameworld! 🎨
📌 PTR is the acronym of Public Test Realm. PTRs are used to test patches before we release them to the public. Unlike standard game worlds, you’re one of the first people testing a new build which can often be unstable or otherwise non-functional. Accessing the PTR and reporting bugs is one of the biggest services you can provide ❤️

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  • That's all folks! GotN chiefed Betrayed's WW on the last night and InDy took a WW late on, left FOX and formed his own gang from a bunch of non team players, what for we'll never know, no one was impressed. PS I know the real InDy isn't really running the account miffed former MFH player Lucky is.

  • And "Crunchie Cheats" will forever be on the server HoF. Thank you Miles for that incredible achievement.

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • I am literally astounded by FOX;

    1 - Being unable to chief back their own WW from a 3 village account

    2 - Thinking a 5k cata hammer was gonna destroy the MFH WW into smithereens

    My artefacts bring all the heroes to my yard