Fail to lower village loyalty.

  • Yesterday I sent my troops with 3 senators to lower the loyalty of an enemy Village and only lowered 100 to 70 loyalty.

    Being that a few days ago to conquer a similar village with the same number of troops and senators sent from the same village, managed to lower the loyalty from 100 to 17 in a single attack. So far I do not understand the system of travian for these cases; or if it was an error.

  • A few factors you should take into account.

    - Perhaps he had a festival running, which can decrease your chiefing percentage.

    - Logades lowers enemy village loyalty by 15-30 %
    You could have been unlucky that all 3 lowered a low percentage in general, like 3x 15% for example. It can happen.

    - And since I play com29 as well I can tell you that he also has a morale boost because of the large population difference.
    (your 12.604 vs. his 1.579).

    It could be an error, but most likely your logades just didn't feel motivated enough. :D

  • As iRonik said, morale bonus from the pop difference is huge, the variance for Logades is large, and large celebrations - your own can boost chiefs (did you have a large celebration running for both?), as well as a party in the village you attack lowering their percentage.

    Use this to see what chances are of conquering:

    Travian :: Conquering calculator

  • thank you very much, I thought it could be a mistake but with the explanation they gave me it makes more sense. And if, in all my towns they were doing great parties, I did not know that that could influence, nor that being a smaller player, the bosses are not so motivated hahaha And I did not know the conquering calculator, I will use it from today. Thank you very much!

  • If only you run festival, your chances are increased. If only they do it, it's decreased.

    If both I don't really know if it has an effect.

    Also noteworthy is Brewery as teuton regarding chiefing. It raises the teutons resistance to be chiefed, but their chiefs being drunk also don't lower as much. :D

    Anyway, have a good one my Odin friend!