Dualing question

  • 11. Obligations of the user
    (1) A user may not have several accounts for one game world simultaneously.
    However, the user is permitted to have one game account in several game
    worlds simultaneously. TRAVIAN GAMES reserves the right to allow several
    game accounts per user for a game or individual game worlds. In this event,
    TRAVIAN GAMES shall indicate this in an appropriate manner to the user.
    Accounts may not be sold, traded, gifted, or otherwise transferred at any
    time under any circumstances unless explicitly authorized by TRAVIAN
    GAMES. A user may not share their account. A user may not disclose their
    password to anyone else.


    Player 1, has an account. Player 2 also has an account.

    Player 2 creates another account to dual with player one under dual accounting.

    Reading the terms and conditions above.


    Is this actually multi accounting?


    Player 1 own his own account
    Player 2 owns his own account

    Player 2 has not created multiple accounts on the same game world.

    Player 1 has not gave any passwords and there for not sharing his account.

    There for. The terms and cautions above does not apply to this theory?

  • Not sure if you made a mistake in your example... Or I misunderstand. But you're saying that both players already have an account... And then one of them creates another account to dual on... Which would mean that player 2 has created two accounts (multi accounting - illegal), while also sharing the password with player 1 (sharing password/multiying - illegal).

    Unless you mean the account they're looking to dual on is created on a separate server...

  • The situation you are describing is not quite clear.

    1 - A dual account is an account where one player owns the account. This means they are the person who has created the account and owns the email for the account. They have asked some one to help them on the account who does not have an account on the server being played. The account owner shares the password with this person who is tasked with helping run the account.

    2 - The difference between a sitter and a dual is that the sitter logs in using their account password. Their actions are limited by both the system and what the account owner choses to allow them to do.

    3 - If the dual creates another account, than they know the password to more then one account and it we move into an area where the MH needs to handle it.

    The rules are very clear and while you can play and own an account on several game worlds, you can only own one account per game world.

    For more clarification, you need to write in to the MH and they can discuss it further with you. The job of the MH is to know the rules and enforce them.