Few game suggestions

  • 1.) Minute based merchants [Gold Club feature]

    Not much to be said here, just adding a column to set minutes as well, rather than hour only. This would drastically improve resource moving with more precise crop shipments being available. The feature should be an exclusive for Gold Club users, as setting trade routes to go 3x would become obsolete in this case.

    2.) Allies handheld for speed 5/10/15%

    Don't you just hate it when you're trying to send troops to an allied member and they're always just a bit late? How about a handheld which would give speed bonus to your troops among alliance which you have a confederacy with? The item would give relatively low percentage, such as Tier 1 is 5%, Tier 2 is 10% and Tier 3 is 15%, so it's not overpowered-ish.

    3.) Double-click the barracks/stable icon for GB/GS [Gold Club feature]

    What some were complaining about could easily be simplified by just pressing the Barracks/Stable icon again to open GB/GS, provided you have them. Obviously a gold club feature as regular icons require that already. (or only plus, correct me if I'm wrong)

    4.) Bonuses aren't temporary disabled while switching to an alliance you have a confederacy with.

    Now this one is quite a pain in the a....nkle. You're planning to switch between wings to utilize handhelds such as Standard in important defensive situations, but once you switch to the other alliance/wing you lose Metallurgy, which is noticeable at higher levels and potentially have troops starving, due to Merchants reverting back to their default capacity.
    (This would only work with alliances which you have a confederacy with.)

    5.) Sitter special permissions

    In very rare cases you're not available when needed and you see your artifact might get stolen soon, but there is nobody around with catapults to reach in time. So the idea is to grant your sitter a special ability to be able to use gold to demolish the treasury. Or in another case that you haven't got a spare treasury on your account, but the person you're sitting nearby has and you have to move an artifact. The function to use full attack to conquer artifact would only be possible if the person sitting would send the attack on his artifact villa.
    (The function might feel a bit scary, but then again your sitter can just wall your army by sending smaller waves of troops raiding highly defended places.)

  • 1. agree with it.. last night i was wondring about what if it is 6x would be great for anvil acnt .. right now running for around 18 hours is possible with 3x trade route 4 would make 24 hours .. ofc just saying what i felt.. selfish thought :D

    2. disagree we already have standadr for alliance why increase pressure for confed def.. ofc sometimes its called for but most player are normal to moderate def except for pd who settle around.. and ofc activity is needed people already gain by increasing ts for both off and def.. so if u are travelling 120 squares then why not get ts20 than 19 :P

    3. i am not sure how much diffrent it will make as i usually run gb gs without npc and normal with npc...

    4. disagree... you arnt supposed to jump aorund :D hold your gorund..

    5. i am not sure.. as i am sitter and this is 24x7 game... :D we all have rl :P u should get it too...

  • I also agree with the first point.


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  • I like point 1 and 5.

    In point 5, the sitter menu itself can be made more diversified, as to what a sitter can or cannot do, adding a few extra permissions as @iRonik mentioned.

    There is probably a reason why 5 is not there in the first place. We've all been there, sitting helpless while attack is coming and no one to drop treasury, but that should be the reward of the attacker - you would not think it fair if you had to dupe not just the owner of the account but possibly two sitters as well just to capture an arty. Then on game versions like RoA you already get notified of attacks incoming in ally page. Lets not make it too easy for the "defender" side of things. I mean if you're able to drop treasury at will on sittees, pds, whatever you may as well just multi. I don't think it is a good addition.

    Point 1 is good. and to add, I'd like to see seconds added to construction time countdowns ex: Level 1 Main Building finished at 23:45:02 and not 23:45 like it is now.

    ..And that is the Final Word.

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