Guessing game Path to Pandora

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  • Dear players.

    Last week we posted the Story of Natar Scout, who went on mission to Travian Lands and now is coming back. [Travian: Path to Pandora]

    Following Shu, you already have lots of ideas about what would be the main feature of the Annual special. We will reveal full details to you really soon, but while we're preparing information, I invite you to take part in a guessing game.

    Make your guesses and get chance to win gold vouchers and codes to closed beta server.

    The one, who has the most precise (and detailed) prediction, will receive 50 gold voucher and 5 beta keys which he can share with his friends to test that feature.

    3 other people will be chosen randomly and will receive voucher for 30 gold each.

    Do not like to make predictions, but have interesting ideas about special features in the game? Share them here - who knows, maybe your idea will have chance to become the main feature of the next Annual Special!

    The guessing game is over on Monday 23.07, 12:00 GMT..

  • Chiefing a village of a different tribe (natar) will give you their secrets resulting in a multi tribe account

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    I cleared my cache and I liked it

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  • Possibly something to do with combining tribe specific features to bring about a new feature.

    The post about the Romans however, just looks like new building designs? Maybe each of the tribes gets different looks for each of their buildings.

  • Pay for gold for additional tribe effects... :P

    50 gold for Egyptian worked to build double oasis effect
    50 gold for round for double building ability aka romans
    50 gold per round for double cranny hold - gauls.

  • I also think some buildings will get redesigned. And there will be some borders on map, something like regions in RoA,

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  • - New troops - horse riding archers

    - Pillaging of villages by huns. Huns not being controlled by players but bots. For villages outside of grey area.

  • Players from different tribes able to create special buildings together, for the sake of the ally
    something about different tribes becoming one

    maybe 2 accounts from different tribes becomin one account of a new tribe

  • So, we have a Roman Senator controlling a village full of Hun troops .....
    So, i'm thinking maybe we have all five tribes playing (Gaul, Roman, Hun, Egyptian, Teuton) .... you start as one tribe, but any village you chief will stay as the tribe you chief it from? (buildings stay the same and you can only train troops from that tribe in that village?)

    Then once you have a village of a tribe, you can settle a new village of that tribe?

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  • would be better if you can control/command those troops reinforced by the alliance and/or other players. This is also a better feature to be managed by the leader of the alliance.

  • Once we send merchants 3x times selected, in the Marketplace, we are unable to change them to 2x or 1x later, please give us this option, so that if we change our mind in the middle, we can stop them to the 1x or 2x times. That's good for all the players.

  • Bob Ross painting artworks for auctions, each being unique!

  • i guess

    A gray part is also formed in the rear area?
    as same as the gray part in the middle(Natar catapult comes)

    i guess there are lots of good big farms,
    and supposed to be able to survive without using gold coins to keep building .

  • In this version the 5 tribes come together to form.. Voltrons!

    No, from little clues like Romans coveting Egyptian resources, Egyptians with scrolls on Teuton merchant wagons and a Roman Senator in a Huns village, I would think it is a feature where you can essentially play as any tribe originally but you can chief any other tribe village and use their buildings and troops out of this chiefed village. You will not be able to merge the different troops though.

    p.s. for next BD, put in terrain bonuses, i.e, crop bonus when villa (or crop oasis) is next to water sources. Or a small boost in defense when villa is adjacent to a mountain. Put these otherwise useless wilderness tiles to use, I think.

    And maybe idea 2: Consult an Oracle (in place of Fools) once per day and be blessed or cursed with a random effect. It cannot be turned off for 24h.

    ..And that is the Final Word.

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  • some new buildings and new artifacts comming for sure
    Artifacts that allows buildings and walls of other tribes to be build in your village maybe because Its easier to increase types of artifacts in scattered empires style of game
    We may be able to do much faster construction if we have a certain building whose level will decide the time of construction of other buildings.
    Another thing is maybe we can play multiple tribes .The region in which we settle will only be tribe specific .Every village in this region will be of same tribe as in real world every country has similar people similar structures similar culture.Since scattered empire map is like countries division so it may be possible.
    Region specific oasis like some regions have more clays/iron/woods or atleast region wise production boost or tribe wise boost
    Since we may not be able to choose tribe on our own we will get different boosts based on different tribes.
    some 2 floor buildings in every tribe and other unique buildimgs that decide which tribe people live in which village
    Different colored and different designed buildings coming for different tribes too
    With a special monument for each tribe
    I hope atleast a bit of it is correct

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  • A tribe free-for-all server, where all the romans for example, are by default in the same alliance and can't fight each other but can fight any other tribe same the same for all the other tribes, no idea where I got this idea from reading the path to pandora posts but it's the first thing that came to my head for some reason

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  • When attacking as Gauls you will be able to capture enemies with your traps. Also new building designs, possible there will be new buildings also that can build new stuff (like the traps used when attacking).

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  • I think there will be some artie that allow your catas to shoot 3 targets instead of 2
    And as I see from story there will be new designs of buildings.
    And I think also natarian Tribe is available to play by humans beside other 5 tribes.
    Reduce requirements for fields so that max level of any field doesn't need more than 8 great warehouses and 5 great Granaries.