Travian: Path to Pandora - Guessing game

  • Dear players.

    Last week we posted the Story of Natar Scout, who went on mission to Travian Lands and now is coming back.

    Following Shu, you already have lots of ideas about what would be the main feature of the Annual special. We will reveal full details to you really soon, but while we're preparing information, I invite you to take part in a guessing game.

    Make your guesses and get chance to win gold vouchers and codes to closed beta server.

    The one, who has the most precise (and detailed) prediction, will receive 50 gold voucher and 5 beta keys which he can share with his friends to test that feature.

    3 other people will be chosen randomly and will receive voucher for 30 gold each.

    Do not like to make predictions, but have interesting ideas about special features in the game? Share them here - who knows, maybe your idea will have chance to become the main feature of the next Annual Special!

    The guessing game is over on Friday 20.07.2018, 13:00 UTC+1

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • I guess the annual special is about 6 tribes with new graphic implementation and maybe we can play natar tribes? 8)
    that will be awesome.

    maybe the objective could be conquering area something like fire and sand mode. but the specific tribes can only spawn in certain area and fighting each other.
    Natars vs gauls vs romans vs huns vs egypts vs teutons (last man standing tribes wins or the highest fighting / largest conquering area wins the game).

    How about that? 8o

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  • 2 guesses,

    it's either the next generation of travian, be that a mobile app of actual PC game. Secretly travian have been developing a mobile version the entire time and simply denying it for dramatic effect.

    ofc, this is travian we are talking about so lets be more realist.

    Is it just the different buildings and 4000+ bugs?

  • Conquered villages (including Natars) will remain their original tribes and allow a player to use them as such. Also, the Natars will be an active tribe. Able to send attacks at players.

  • 1. Additional medals for those who contribute/donate daily: like top 10 best donators players and alliances :rolleyes::thumbsup:
    2. while on the medals give Additional medals for those who are leveling heroes and see who made higest experience in a week (does not work with scrolls :p )
    3. There will some sort of a territorial fight or atleast you could see a differnt type of map :huh:
    4. natars will be more active and are more complicated as an AI and is more active and agressive and build troops :evil: also natars can use artefacts for their own use aswell
    5. more quests and storyline which helps player to understand what is going on around and why it´s like that
    6. have one more historicaly correct or close siege units that is not for crushing walls or building but for killing defending units inside a village
    (like ballista) --->

    7. more items for heroes, for increasing like scouting strenght, or using dual wielding for certain weapons not for all weapons like for small units :gau01::rom01::teu01::hun01::egy01: , also armor and shield should be presented as for each tribe but specs will be same for each tribe but the look would be different (all shields are for romans || )
    8. having your own alliance colors and flags that will look different for every alliances and are seen from map for their colors as territory based or villages are seen in their colors
    9. make nature troops eat crop for god sake, what they even eat? grass or poor villagers? 8o

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  • Let me see

    We play across a map of europe.
    All the tribes have been tweaked to make a better field of play for Teuts and Huns.
    Better hero adventures with large resource boost as a find and more troop finds - all round improving finds as game progresses
    Troop forwarding option - a cut down version of fire and sand
    Distance limited attacks (not raids)
    An overhaul of the auction side of things
    Changes to some gold costs
    A proper Confed set of rules that enhances prestige - CP's

    A nice little wish list

  • New features that will be introduced should be:
    1)Now graphics of game are going to be tribe specific as even showed in video so players will actually get the real feel of tribe when they check building overview page
    2) Now another thing about which I'm not fully sure but beleive it can be possible that now natars learn that they need to upgrade themselves and they start acting like real player and even attack or defend against players as shu taught them something new.
    3)401x401 size map as now this change is implemented on all new travian server as per travian news thread

    My wishlist is:
    1) an integrated chatroom for ally
    2) updated combat simulator
    3) easy setup of trade routes and farmlist like T5 version


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  • and for additional input, Can we see some battle animation when troops clash, scouting, raiding, etc?
    That will be very cool, man. :thumbup:

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  • -Travailing time will not be the same. Speed is effected if passing throw sea or mounting. Example : Spy who can fly will be faster than spy on hours who is already faster than spy on feet.
    -We are going to receive an anonymous IGM telling us about the movement of the enemies. Thanks to the hidden spies.
    -The red swords won't be clear on the screen from the beginning. It will appear suddenly when there is less time, thanks to the interruptions.
    The village from inside will be in continues moving.

  • Hi all. The big reveal of the new features is set to 09:00 UTC+1 on Monday 23.07.2018.

    After that I'll announce the winners of the guessing contest.

    Stay tuned!

    Cheers, Ameno

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • 200x200 map, all dirt like traditional T4 and no oceans (Europe sucks).

    Artifacts will be regional control in concentric rings, with the 5 Uniques near the center, Large in the next ring and small in the outer ring. The innermost 50% of the Unique control region will be Gray.

    The Pandora's Box artifact will be located at 0|0 and whichever alliance controls The Gray at large via population will enjoy it's benefits, probably an added % of attack or defense values, or maybe a +CP bonus (ironic - because it's the Gray). Yes, putting a village in The Gray gives no CP... but each village present counts towards controlling BOTH the Pandora's Box and the local Unique Artifact! People will come for the Blood Bath in the center of the map.

    Tribe mixing within one account will be in the mix for sure, but it will cost so much Gold to actually use the feature that unless you buy a 600 pack monthly, you won't be able to effectively use the bonus, anyway.

    Scouts will be able to target specific structures in the enemy village, similar to catapult targeting. Results will not be exact but will say things like "small town hall found" if level 1 to 12 or "large barracks found" if level 6 to 20 or "no evidence of an Embassy" if level 0 to 5. There's a lot of overlap in those ranges, because the game will incorporate random number +/- values to the structure targeted before communicating the results to the attacker. You will not know EXACTLY what your target has in it unless you repeatedly scout the same structure and use some deductive reasoning to cancel out the randomization.

    Hoping for a few of these to get implemented...

  • I think it wil be smaller map.
    Mabye 200x200

    Something with the new 2 tribes.

    I guess same artifact system like old special server -> areas to conquer

    I also guess, that also the waterworks will get nerved. Maybe way more expensive or less oasis bonus.

    As often told I guess it will be hard to have multis. Maybe just make legal teamwork better -> be able to support allianes you play as team with (even if not the same alliance)

  • Having hard time to choose whose guess was the closest. Will announce winners today. How did you like revealed game mechanics?

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • How did you like revealed game mechanics?

    I havent seen yet, did I miss something or is it somewhere else where I can see that?

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