Path to Pandora Closed BETA Server Start Information

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  • Dear Community

    We are happy to announce the details of the Travian: Path to Pandora Closed Beta server.

    The server will be available for everybody who owns a key.
    To try to get a key you can participate in the community activities which will start on July the 25th on our Forum and Facebook page (LINK: traviannews).

    We will also send on the same day an email containing a Beta Key to our most active players, so do not forget to check your inbox.
    Below here you find the technical setting for this Closed Beta:

    URL /// Travian com83
    Start date 01.08.2018
    Start time 14:00 GMT+2
    Server length 200 days
    Speed normal (1x speed)
    Map size 801x801
    Languages English only
    Beginners protection 5 days
    Beginners protection prolonging 3 days
    Start Gold for each player 100 additional Gold, nontransferable (exclusive for Closed Beta)
    Gold Transfer Inbound possible from COM
    Gold Transfer Outbound possible to all Domains

    We would like also to remind you that the Closed Beta is a test environment. There may be maintenance more often than on regular servers and there could be cases for rollbacks and so on.

    The Closed Beta is very important also to get your feedbacks about how the gameplay on Path to Pandora looks like and if it feels right.
    Therefore we really hope you are willing to share all your feedback in English in the Closed Beta Test Server Feedback Thread

    The Travian Team will monitor the thread to gather as much information as possible.
    Thanks in advance to all beta testers which will help us in releasing Path to Pandora!

    Your Travian: Legends Team