Changing WW locations & Reducing WW Count

  • It has been obvious to the community (or at least those I interact with) that the number of WWs on the majority of servers greatly exceeds the demand and has for a while. The reduction in map size for UK/US presents an opportunity to address that. I think it also makes sense to bring the remaining WWs closer to center. On most servers the 100 mark is quite "boonies" these days. So I have a few options for changes:

    • Move WWs

      • Option A: Move WWs @ the 100 mark to 75
      • Option B: Move WWs @ the 100 mark to 50
    • Eliminate WWs

      • Option A: Eliminate 4/5 Grey Zone WWs (having remaining as close to 0,0 as possible)
      • Option B: Eliminate 4/5 Grey Zone WWs + the 0 Coordinate WWs

    What say the community?