• Myself:

    • I have Travian for over 10 years on a variety of different servers.
    • I have played as every tribe and playstlye there is.
    • I use gold and play seriously


    • Looking for a dual or two for com4 (16 days in) which is a good time to hop on.
    • Looking for 24/7 coverage
    • Offensive Roman account
    • Discord or skype (Skype is preferred)
    • Looking for someone who is going to only be focused on this server.

    Top Roman account: about to be one of the first accounts to settle 3rd village, Constant raiding.
    No specific endgame plan yet, build 2-3 hammers and see what happens.
    DM me if interested, just don't waste my time.

  • Still searching? Highly experienced dual. 100% of the time offensive player. Most experience in teutons but dozen of server wins under Roman tribe too.

    Pm me here or in discord for more information if interested.