Few useful links and tricks.


    You scouting enemies

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=15&own=0 Green Scoutings

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=16&own=0 Yellow Scoutings

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=17&own=0 Red Scoutings

    Enemies scouting You

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=18&own=0 Green Scoutings

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=19&own=0 Yellow Scoutings

    You attacking enemies

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=1&own=0 Green Attacks :rep02:

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=2&own=0 Yellow Attacks :rep03:

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=3&own=0 Red Attacks :rep04:

    Enemies attack You

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=4&own=0 Green Defense :rep05:

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=5&own=0 Yellow Defense :rep06:

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=6&own=0 Red Defense :rep07:

    https://ts29.travian.com/allianz.php?s=3&filter=7&own=0 Gray Defense :rep08:


    So you've pressed the link and you were redirected to the wrong server on the wrong domain? No problem.

    To set it to your own server, just look at the link from your own server and you shall receive all the information needed to adapt those to your own server.

    How to set it to your current server?

    Look at the number and the domain of the server which you are playing.

    Server number is the bold blue text in the following examples. de2, si1, uk3, us3.

    Server domain is the bold blue text in the following examples. de2, si1, uk3, us3.

    Now look at the link above and change the number at TS29 and at the end of the link change the .com domain to the domain you are playing.

    So the base examples located above should end up looking like:





    Kirilloid Tools & Simulators

    http://travian.kirilloid.ru/di…pd=7&art=1&boots=0&left=0 Distance Calculator

    http://travian.kirilloid.ru/conq.php#ZMBCpgY Conquering Calculator

    http://travian.kirilloid.ru/of…=1&t=1&s=1.431&po&art=100 Offensive Calculator

    http://travian.kirilloid.ru/vi….431&fl=10,10,10,10&fs=31 Res dev/prod Calculator

    http://travian.kirilloid.ru/warsim2.php Combat Simulator


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  • I do so as well, but found this one to be more user friendly as once you have the link set, it's there for anyone to use for sending to that villa if the requirements are there.

  • When you have to set a ton of trade routes to a certain location from maybe over 20 villages, you will find the link really useful.

    You can also share the link to other players as a way to encourage them to set-up trade routes sending crops to WW.

    In practice, we used to have a google spreadsheet where you can input how many res/crops you wanna send, and a list of village IDs on the side for easy reference. That way everyone can help themselves.

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  • i have share with community the spreadsheet i ahve created to set trade route quickly
    but ameno think it is not allowed, so i have stopped to share it :p
    in my idea it is not forbidden

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  • It's not forbidden.

    It doesn't automate anything, therefore it's perfectly legal.

  • Nearly forgot to update this...

    Fast trade route setup.

    The following URL will be used as an example and will be explained steb-by-step. To be able to set trade routes you'll require to have gold club and will need to be in the village from which you plan to set trade routes.




    Here you can locate the server and domain on which you are playing on, which in this case is the 2x server on com domain. If you wish to set it to your current server, follow the instructions below.


    This is the ID of the village, which the trade routes will be set to.

    You can locate the village ID by changing your active village and looking at the URL.


    This decides how much of individual resources will be sent to your desired location.

    In this particular example each trade route will send :lumber: = 1000, :clay: = 2000, :iron: = 3000, in :crop: = 4000 resources.


    This is where things have changed since the most recent update, which now offer you 2 different options to choose from.

    1. send&hour=0&minute=30

    This option decides at which defined hour your trade routes will be sent. In this example at 0:30 your merchants will depart from your village.

    2. deliver&hour=0&minute=30

    This option decides at which defined hour your trade routes will arrive. In this example at 0:30 your merchants will arrive at their destination.


    And this decides how many times you choose the trade route to go. You can either choose 1, 2, or 3, depending on your merchants available and amount needed.



    PS. I would also like to thank Baguette for sharing the updated version for the trade route setup.

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  • KnowToFail

    Just a heads up, so you add the appropriate link in discord, due to potential language issues.