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  • So recently on uk servers there seems to be even more bots than ever I know you have to register and verify email to actualy get acsess

    But how do so many bots still get into the game?? and is there something travian can do to stop this !!??

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  • No they can't. If they could it would have already been done. Now lets stop beating this dead horse over and over again.

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  • The trick with bots is that as soon as you figure out a way to stop them, within 24 hours, the bot creators have figured out a way around you. It is a never ending struggle. Look at the bots on the forum for an example. It is not really much different in game.

  • The "I'm not a robot" captcha is a good technique to figure out the bots, it's been used a lot on comx, and is quite efficient, BUT, the bots always re appear. So ye not much can be done about it. (Until the P2P confed function is merged into all legend servers :) )

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  • I still think the 2-factor authentication mobile phone number thing is the best way to harm botting but Travian have already said no to this because of some laws somewhere apparently, but then how do other companies use mobile authentication then? Hmmm lol

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  • The trick with bots is that as soon as you figure out a way to stop them, within 24 hours, the bot creators have figured out a way around you. It is a never ending struggle. Look at the bots on the forum for an example. It is not really much different in game.

    You may not think so but what have basically said it players are free to run bot accounts without punishment.

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  • Crunchie, we as staff do not condone the action of cheating through the use of multiaccounting and scripts / bots.

    playingwithfire highlighting the never ending struggle to prevent bots implies that efforts are being made to curb them; not that they are acceptable but rather the use thereof warranting infraction under TG T&C's.

    Botters update once they are caught out and their bots no longer work. This means they do get caught. When they update, we continue to chase catching out more. We would very much like to break the botter part of this cycle.

  • I wanted to make a separate post about this and still might but since we have some moderators on the thread responding I just want to throw in my 2 cents. I don't think i'm alone when I say I feel like the multihunters are incompetent in what they do and the fact they rely so heavily on player reports is a bad directions to be going in. Players should feel like they are assisting the MH not doing the MH's job. TG employees often mention the difficulty of catching bots but even the bots that are not difficult to catch are still running rampant. I'm sure that I'm unaware of the many bots in travian but I'm speaking on the ones I and many other players are aware of. You know the ones with 10,000+ cranny capacity, 3 settlers and populations growth is extremely slow. They have large amount of resources always missing from their warehouse well below cranny capacity but never over. They change their village names every couple of days. Their age is a negative number. They form their own alliance named after them self. They're often times in close vicinity of one another.

    There's so many of these but rarely do they get banned. In a time where player numbers are dropping I don't understand how the moderation of these bots is so poor. The qualifying servers is a glaring issue of this, I understand that it's harder to moderate because of the sheer numbers but when you look at a regular server it's still moderated poorly which makes no sense to me when the sample size you're dealing with is so much smaller which hypothetically should be easier to moderate.

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  • I can certainly sympathise with that feeling but I'm a moderator, not a multihunter. Moderators and multihunters are actually separate teams with different reporting channels.

    What we see as players is not always the same thing that the MH sees. We see one thing while the MH sees something else. They may see a bigger picture linking accounts compared to the more localised picture we see. They may also be concentrating on another part of the map to where we are.
    Again, please keep in mind I'm not a MH.

    What we can do is raise this feedback through to the CM who can speak with the Community Service Representative on the same domain. Alternatively, sending an email through to admin@travian.domain (i.e. will connect you with the CSR who will be better equipped to answer particular questions.

    I do hope this is of some assistance?