Politic & Propaganda Thread - Path to Pandora

  • Here is for Colonel Reyel:

    BTW, AV hired me as their DJ and haven't paid me yet. If you want to hire me and pay me, I can DJ and troll for you too on the forum.

  • Thanks for a great server everyone! Even if it turned out a little dull at the end.

    I will share statistics after the last minute has gone since attacks are still on the way.

    IDTS! ended up winning this server because of their merge with Cheers! just like AV(me) tried to win with merging with UtdKebab. However one merger turned out better than the other one. However the biggest reason IDTS! won this server was Salad@s. In the merge the members who were bad from UtdKebab got attacked and that lost us two 100vp regions. This meant our calculations got screwed up. This was what made us lose. Since we clearly had a lot of defense, our plan was just to hold out till no one could catch up. However when you do not have a pre-made alliance some players never ask for deff. This also made us lose the regions even more. In the meanwhile when we fought Salad@s, IDTS! did what we wanted to do.... nothing but gaining vp.

    This lead to players in our leadership.. to be more on point UtdKebabs leadership to quit. Some because of the game and some because of real life problems or work. We kept going a little longer but the offense operations was not happening as often as we needed it to. I asked for chiefing operations but they never came. This was around the time IDTS! passed us in VP. This was also around the time our only off coordinator and Co-Leader quit. Now every leader from UtdKebab had quit. Making this merge not as beneficial. However I do not think AV would of survived as a whole if we did not merge. So lose for lose. Now it was only me left as a leader with some "helpers" and one leader in the AV-Wings. I want to shout these guys out since they stayed with me till the end. We got ID95 doing everything in his power to keep the AV-Wings alive. He had 3 and later 2 wings to lead by himself. Then we got ALL MIGHT who was a big part of our alliance in leading and helping.

    This was when we where kind of doomed. We had the troops and we did some bombing but really no planning. Everyone who stayed in AV till the last day are legends. Same goes with the AV-Wings. Stratego also did some work on their end big thanks to them. Thank you for trying your hardest and staying!

    This server for me was the first server as a serious leader. I had done some leading back when I was a kid but you know... a 12 year old guiding 30-50 year olds does not work :D Starting out with VC = Veteran Club that ended up being AV (same as VC just 2 more wings) I think our start was perfect we where a strong team and had a big VP lead. We also had different leaders back in the start who ended up quiting sadly. However times change and when end-game came it is not good to be in the north side when all good regions is on the other side. As many people said before the map need to be balanced better. Even if we did end up in second place I am very proud of my team and my work. I also made a lot of new friends in this game and that always feels good! AV will be back stronger next time!

    If you got any questions please ask me!

    I like to lead even when I am not leading. :rep03:

    NYS: Idefix

    TT Finals: Idefix

  • Wow
    Nice speech by you !!!
    It basically summarizes everything that went in the alliance AV from mid-game to the end.
    Great efforts by the all the teams especially Salad@s!!
    You guys got one more admirer ;)
    You guys got one big credit for us loosing the game!!
    And some of the AV guys switching teams in the end!!
    Don't know whether you were enemies/spies from the beginning or not.
    At the last
    Congratulations to the winning team I.D.T.S.

  • Grats to everyone who played. It's unfortunate that I had to quit so early but I really had fun for the time I was there. Glad my team won and well played to the opponents. Hope to see you all on a different server. :)

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