Feedback: General Statistics

  • We looked at a couple of other servers and have a guess (thanks to @Bonzo) about total. Looks like they count all activation keys that were sent out, not accounts that finished registration and spawned. Maybe TG wants to show us how many bots they stop :)

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  • I will once again object to the fact that the new sheet about productions statistics is completely useless.

    I get info from the dawn of time I am not sure how to use that to translate if i am growing or i have stagnated.

    What we needed was for raid score to be added to the overall production graph . What we now have is additive data which is useless if i have to compare myself day to day week to week.

    If anyone else can make any deductions please share. Else its just a piece of info which is there but adds no value .

    I so miss plus~!!!! To make things cosmetically viable we have lost the basic essence of the data.