[Official][Statement] The SAD Mega Blob {August 9th, 2018}

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    Official Statement to the Press
    August 9th, 2018

    Friends, Romans, Travianites,

    ..I must always bring you the truth. Even when the truth is most disappointing to hear. These words that I am about to tell you, they are incredibly SAD! The situation I am about to tell you is very disappointing if you are a proud, Admin fearing, server loving Travianite. The mere thought of what I am about to tell you makes me want to serve the great people of COM4 even more. I want everyone to know that I fight for them, I put everything on the line for you people. There are very few people who would fight for you as hard as I do. I am the hardest fighter I know, and trust me, I know a lot people. A LOT. Trust me, they are all good people. The best people.

    ..Today, when I entered the Oval Office, there was a very concerned Travianite waiting for me. He said he needed to talk to me, desperately needed to talk to me. He said to me, he said, "Mister President, I must tell you some urgent news!" I offered him a seat at my desk. I sat there patiently as he bit his lip, obviously concerned on how I would receive the news he was about to tell me. I said to him, I said, I told him, "Please tell me what you have to say, I am a very busy man leading this server to greatness." He proceeded to tell me a very terrible story.

    ..It has come to my attention that there are some on this server who do not believe in themselves. They would rather Meta up as many wings as possible. Believing that simple numbers alone will bring them victory. Many other Travianites appreciate them putting all their raid targets into one giant meta, but we must reach out to these members of our community and teach them that quantity only leads to heart ache. How will you be able to defend and coordinate 200 or more members? Upon their merger they will have 5 wings. FIVE! They cannot and will not be able to maintain any semblance of order within their ranks. This will only lead to frustration and no doubt that many players will quit.

    ..I may have to call upon the Anti-META act put in place by Congress many years ago, but I do not want to have to do that. What these simple minded bufoons need to learn is competition is good. The only way a free and open market can work is with competition. You will have no one to attack and no one to defend against, leaving nothing to train for, nothing to make yourself better. Nothing to log in for! We cannot allow this to go forward. We must give our fellow Travianites something to strive for. There is no joy in winning if there is no competition. If you do not best your opponents, especially if there are none, then your victory is for nothing. Nothing, folks.

    ..Please write to the leaders of the NICE conglomerate and the WWW coalition and tell them know we will not stand for this merger!

    ⅅℴ℘ℓⅆ ℐ. ℭℯⲙ℘
    Donald J. Trump, President of COM4


    Make Travian Great Again! #MTGA

    * All Campaign Contributions can be sent via Marketplace to Donald Trump on Com4 *

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  • Thanks you Donald Trump, Mr. President, greatest on Com4, bring more news to us, we want the truth! Does Com4 turn into a boring server? Diplomacy polices must be revised in parliament!

    About this BAD news, let's not forget that Legacy is inside it! 3 metas joining in one and I believe they won't stop it here.. who will be Next? BAD DC? Or should it be read SAD?

    Congrats for MTGA!

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  • Another beautiful press release :love: MTGA! It's ok, the strength of the Trump Administration is unparalleled, I believe in you Mr. President :love:

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