Bunch of questions about chiefing and attack

  • 1) If two different players land attack on a village at exact same second, will the damage received by the attackers be distributed, For e.g if a single person attacks with only hero and the hero loses 60%, then if two of them land attack on same second with only heroes ,with same Fighting strength and other stats, will each hero lose only 30% health? And what is the effect on the enemy troops killed?
    2)If I reinforce my troops from my village A to my village B , then from my village C chief my village A , then will I lose troops of village A(like if someone else chiefs my village, i lose all the troops reinforced to other villages)?
    3)If I chief a village of an account with one expansion slot already occupied, then the account user deletes the account, will that expansion slot free up?

  • 1. Unfortunately the game mechanics don't work like that, each attack is counted as separate so in your example the first hero would lose 60%.

    2. Correct! The troops vanish if the village that produced them is chiefed or destroyed. Research in the academy and smithy is also lost too.

    3. Yes it will free up the expansion slot :) also destroying the village occupying the expansion slot will free it too.

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  • So if two people attack 1000 clubs at the same second to a village with 500 prets, then both of their clubs will take dame of 500 prets and the prets will take damage of 2k clubs at same time.

    Did I get it right?

  • Incorrect. In travian, if two events happen in the same second, the event undertaken first will happen first.

    In this case, the attack that was launched first will land first, even though they are same second.
    So, let's say the first 1000 clubs are launched at 18:15:00. Then the next set of clubs is launched at 18:30:00. They both land at 22:00:00 though. In this case, the clubs launched at 18:15:00 will land first.

    The first 1000 clubs will fight the 500 praets. Then the next 1000 clubs will land - fighting whatever praets are left after the first attack, if any.