Community Calendar - September 2018

  • Dear Community,
    below you find the Community Calendar for September 2018.

    The color code for the event is the following:

    As usual a few notes, that we'd like you to take into consideration:

    • The Gold promotions will not be placed in the calendar, because they are decided last minute, so keep watching the Payment/Store Information section for the updates about it
    • The speed gameworlds are usually planned when the previous one is over. This means that there is an high chance that this calendar will be updated often mainly to add new speed gameworlds to the list
    • For the game world number you will have to wait for the announcement from your Community Manager which will appear here Server Information

    Do not hesitate to contact your Community Manager if you see something odd in the Calendar. We will do our best to have it as functional as possible.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    You can click on the image to enlarge it!

  • We have changed the forum events for September, the image in the first post has been updated.


    • Hero Adventures start has been moved from 10.09.2018 to 17.09.2018
    • History Quiz contest has been pushed to October
  • Changelog:

    • Moved BGX speed server start from 18.09.2018 to 27.09.2018
    • Moved SEZ speed server start from 17.09.2018 to 25.09.2018
    • Moved IL Path to Pandora start from 10.09.2018 to 12.09.2018 (due to Israeli bank holiday)