Oases troops respawning

  • Hi,
    is there any way to calculate oases respawning rate\time?
    I have noticed that:
    1. Animals respawn in empty oases faster
    2. Oases can "detect" that they are being attacked

    Another question, there are "natural" animals for each oasis (e.g boar in a clay one), but sometimes a non-related animal spawns, e.g a crocodile in clay oasis. Is it completely random or there's a way to predict that?


  • Point 1 is correct. According to Travian Answers, the less animals there are the faster they respawn.

    On point 2, I can't find any information on this on TA, but from my experiences I would agree.

    As for which animals spawn where, you will likely find certain oasis types easier to clear than others (Iron easier than wood or wheat). I imagine there are more bats in mountainous areas, and more bears in woodland areas which would explain that. Elephants seem to be

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  • Both points are correct (the 2nd one not listed anywhere, but has been tested). But no, there is no way to calculate it, because the exact spawn rate isn't known - it for sure includes a somewhat large degree of randomness.

  • The rate and amount is completely random.

    I had a case when I spawned on top of an oasis and there's simply no pattern in how they spawn, since I saw the ''spawning'' the queue of my barracks.
    The only noticeable thing is there's more of selective type of animals in that particular oasis, but every now and then a different type will spawn in an inconsistent amount.