[UK] Do you have eagle eyes?

  • Dear players,

    it's time to test your sight! Will you be able to find the 10 differences within the 2 images right below?

    Find and mark all the all of them and reply to this thread with the solution.

    Start Date / Time: 21.08.2018 – 9:00 GMT+1
    End Date / Time: 27.08.2018 – 9:00 GMT+1
    Winners announced on: 28.08.2018
    Winner chosen: Randomly within all the correct answers
    Prize 3 lucky participant will win 50 Gold
    Gold Voucher valid until: 31.12.2019

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    Good luck!

    Your Travian: Legends Team

  • I think I got it, was done on mobile though lol

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  • Imgur: The magic of the Internet

  • 1. Rocks missing below the sheep
    2. Rock missing by the stack of sacks
    3. Different number of sack in the pile (3 and 4)
    4. Missing tree
    5. Missing piece of the upper bunting by the roof of the tiled house
    6. Missing blue line running down the roof of the tent
    7. Missing small bush next to the larger bush
    8. Missing piece of curtain by the top left hand corner of the jewellery stand
    9. Missing hanging foods at the top left hand corner of the food stand
    10. Differing grass pattern by the foot of the jewellery stand

  • Thanks to everyone for participating in the contest.

    Congratulations to the winners who were picked randomly from those with the correct answer:


    You 4 win 50 gold each. Your gold vouchers will be sent to you via private message in the next few hours.

    And the right solution was ...