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  • Sorry for the double post, but some things need to be said -

    BSB are not an end game alliance.

    A very quick glance at the players' accounts is all that is needed to know the alliance is full of noobs. Not that I've a problem with noobs, but when leaders do a big recruitment campaign and then when they get players do nothing at all to help them build decent accounts, those leaders just aren't doing their job.
    There are some good accounts in the BSB meta, I can see that. But there are too many bad accounts, and too many accounts that after enjoying a bit of spawn bullying have hit a brick wall.
    The BSB wing has leaders building bad accounts, and leaders making bad attacks.
    And there is no sense of purpose, no goals are being set.
    The meta is a bad one. Bad accounts, no guidance, no sense of purpose, no chance of achieving anything other than many new and enthusiastic players quitting the game.

    Please BSB, stop trying to friend zone everyone and accept you are not up to the job, because this is a war game.
    Accept you cannot be an alliance that dominates its quad, pushes on to end game and builds a successful WW.
    Accept you need to be led by others who are more experienced.
    Accept that your top accounts could thrive and your rubbish accounts could learn if you made the sensible choice whilst the opportunity to make a choice is still there.
    And then concentrate on taking on the real opposition that you face, when you have the leadership needed to face such opposition.

    In short, get over yourselves and accept you need to be led. Make the right choice and give yourselves a chance of winning a server, instead of a certainty of being wiped off a server before end game even starts.

  • Yes, nit picking aside all troops would be longer.

    Also, thanks for your post, let us see how the server runs. I’m back for a round of, mainly fun, game play. I don’t know if I’ll come back for another round. I interested to see how this server size and endgame will run.

  • Can't comment much on this but, since I started (been about a week, maybe 1.5 weeks) this has been the running score against Eptic (someone who just likes bullying small players/ doesn't like to admit defeat):

    Total raided: 13,677
    Total losses in res (troops): 437,025
    Loss-raid: 423,348.
    Total troops killed (in res) 285,350
    Net gain (raid - troops lost (in res))- troops killed (in res): -137,998.

    I am not sure if it is related, but whenever they 'walled', a larger 'hammer' player would come knocking (as a clearer at a guess):

    Fortune (village F2) came with: 6k imps, 3k ECs and 200 rams (losses for both sides were negligible)
    Saltvannspray (village 0xA) came with: 900 imps, 1k EIs and 60 cats

    All this against a ~300 pop. spawn owned by a rank 400 new starter. This is a game of war and strategy that tests your metal, but at least I'll still be here in a month's time...

    Hope you enjoyed this. Sorry there are no battle reports, but one is a little too tired to bother sorting out all the reports.

  • Strange behaviour you outline there WIM. BSB and its wing do seem obsessed with bullying small players and attacking spawn villages. I'd love to know their reasoning behind such tactics.
    Anyways, I hope you are still playing in a month's time. Can't let them win when they behave like that.

    While I'm here and we're talking about BSB, a little birdy has told me something interesting. If someone from BSB could confirm it would be appreciated - rumour has it that Kim ill Splat has just borged his army again. On another spawn village... :D :D :D

    And I suppose I ought to congratulate SWM on their recent defence. Well played people.

  • Rumour has it that jorg is jorging his troops again and it's going to be big. I guess we'll soon find out, but either he's faking, he's killing his troops and leaving the server, or he's, well, erm, well, err, I don't really know what he's doing...

  • well he scouted before sending

    He scouted that defence and then sent that attack? Seriously?

    Seems jorg faked it last night, which is a shame. Apparently he's got about 8k of Imps and 5k of El's, so it would have been a good report.

  • Very Quick Summary:


    Unique - 2

    Large - 6

    Small - 15


    Unique - 3

    Large - 5

    Small - 8


    Unique - 2

    Large - 7

    Small - 10


    Unique - 0

    Large - 3

    Small - 2


    Unique - 0

    Large - 2

    Small - 10

    This was correct at the time of typing and apologies don't have time to list the Artis

  • Thanks, I did wonder. I actually thought all the older people were playing this one and hadn't found their way around the new forum changes to post reports, you know what they're like. But you have explained it very politely. :)

  • A little birdy has told me that if you fake Jorg the Borg his entire alliance's defence ends up in his Cap, so you can then attack anyone you want in his alliance without the risk of losing lots of troops.

    Any truth in that rumour??

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  • Ah, so it is true then? Anyone else got any virtually unapposed attacks to show?

    And can someone post the defence in Borg's Cap to let his alliance know what a good job they all did putting their defence in one place so it wouldn't get in the way of the attacks on their accounts??