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  • Seems not you for sure

    That would be difficult as she's not a leader , wow how the wise make fools of themselves

    And I love when people who know nothing about what’s going on comment - happy to provide screen shots of the conversation... but goes something like ‘I’m not having RAG break up BSB therefore we’re merging with UA’

    What was that about wise and fools? 🙄

  • I'm sure you do love it , I have had the pleasure of conversations with you myself

    So keep going you are doing a fine job ..take that whichever way you imagine it's directed

  • I do enjoy it when members from other alliances seem to know all the goings on within other alliances.

    If you don't know the reason for people quiting, leaving accounts or alliances, then all you are doing is blowing hot air....

    I know the reason for people quiting.

    I also know why leaders turned their back on players just because the vote did not suit .

    then to lie to players just to make you feel better .

  • At this time of flux, can I offer a word of advice to those players settled deep in the South East who think joining RAG is/was a good idea?

    I'll assume the answer is yes, so the advice is this - BIG MISTAKE!

    You are too far away from RAG, they cannot protect you (and why would they want to anyway?).

    You are right next to what looks like becoming the South East's WW.

    And you have an enormous bullseye in the form of a pink square surrounding all your villages.

    Maybe you are the bravest of the brave and you plan to wage war toe to toe with the SE's WW attempt, and if so fair enough you have my respect and go for it.

    More likely you haven't really thought about it and you are just following the fools who lead you. Either way, if you stick with your choice batten down the hatches, it's going to be rough.

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  • U A need to concentrate on SWM as they supposedly came back to do, wouldn’t you think


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  • Dear Azaezel

    I hope it's ok. I did not wish to miss quote you, so i thought copy & paste was the best way

    You know Nothen about me. I have alot more respect To even want to know you.

    Spy for you, I don't think so

    1. Quote: UA hate Mags I think is fair to say and the reality is they’re winning, if they take nothing more from this server (and it’s unlikely they will) they beat what was a 2 wing alliance with 15 accounts - that’s motivation enough

    2. Quote: And tbf and I’ve said this on the forums - I’m sure Mags is a nice person (I know she’s in here) but she is not clued up on the diplomacy on this server as she has proven time and time again

    3. Quote: Starting when she blew her cover as a spy on the kettle account and continuing to this day when she had no idea what her own alliance was doing, let alone anyone else’s.

    The end

  • Lol - Mags - are you denying you were a spy for RAG whilst in North when you took over the Kettle account?????

    Lol - even now you continue to amaze me, best bit was when you tried using the ‘I’m a spy for RAG’ to get members of BSB to stop raiding you.

    I feel for the people that continue to trust your judgement

  • ive heard shorter speeches in the house of Commons, and more sense made regarding brexit.

    Is there actually a game under all this waffle?

    SWM will win, because no one else has the balls to fight them, previously they've been beaten by alliances that set out to achieve success.

  • ive heard shorter speeches in the house of Commons, and more sense made regarding brexit.

    Is there actually a game under all this waffle?

    SWM will win, because no one else has the balls to fight them, previously they've been beaten by alliances that set out to achieve success.

    Now this I find a little off, I'm fairly sure us in the north have been one of the only alliances on server to strike at swm.

  • Surely I'm not the only one who has noticed that the SE has got itself a WW?

    It looks like a forlorn hope, given the quad's server to date, but who knows??

    Maybe the two sets of players will merge well together now that the former BSB leadership has either deleted or run away to hide in other alliances. It's not unknown for mergers to work.

    Numbers are short and they are of course underdogs, but I'm almost rooting for them. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and give them my best wishes - give it your all people, you never know - dreams might just come true if you try hard enough. :)

  • It seems that the BSB players who ran away to hide in RAG have become brave again. They're now attacking the team mates that they abandoned.

    The extent to which they are prepared to shamed themselves knows no bounds...

  • I heard that too, though it is in the form of raiding chiefed villages and taken oases of those bsb now in u a.

    Most have sent simple igms to remove from lists.

    Those villages and oases would be from older bsb members that have left the server. Imagine chiefing a dead account, oh the shame!

  • Interesting response HarLi, given that everyone in UA and everyone in RAG, as well as quite a few other people in various chatrooms, will have seen the attack reports.

    Are the attack reports telling lies?

  • I don't need to show evidence because you, me, and half the server already know that what I'm saying is true.

    All those people also know that what you are saying is not true.

    I'll give an example, just so you are absolutely sure that you have been caught out making, erm, how shall I put it - mis-spoken statements?

    Check out the attacks sent by little bit puki.

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  • Ok, well with that name it could well be. Guiding that player was ‘interesting’.

    Edit: I honestly didn’t know of this. I found the hits now too, it is sad when such situations occur. For old alliances sake it is poor show, I agree with you there.

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