UK2 Discussion thread

  • it is so nice to see SWM coming out the woodwork. A win is a win but really it was an easy road. Taking in the past few rounds SWM have been ripped apart. But good to see they are Learning from their mistakes last rounds.

    Where they lost a WW to ( GOT )

    I will not go into the destruction and chaos ( AA ) brought.

    NORTH an alliances not interested.

    RAG an alliance with a plan .

    UA an alliance that tried.

    So if there was a challenge to win, I missed it but well done SWM be proud you win the last ts2.

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  • was a decently busy round for all us in north fighting a 2 front war most the server against swm and rag. Needless to say swm sitting back watching the fight helped them the most in this server. We had plenty left to offer but alas the failure in bringing rag in for a nap mid server was a bad idea and again at the end for a confed. :d thatll he a team up nvr seen again

    Congrats Swm

  • Your memory is too short term. That is our 4th win of uk2. So yes we had a poor couple of years. We were a lot stronger in previous years and lost a lot of players because we won easily. Yes we got bastard by AA and GOT. We deserved to as we had poor servers. So for coming out of the woodwork is a poor statement to use. Maybe getting back to previous high standards would be better. Anyway what we can say we are the most successful WW winners in the history of UK2

  • Just want to put out there that when I joined NORTH at the beginning, ABBA presented it as an experiment to see how well we could execute a win with a single wing spread across 2 quadrants. Given how much of the server we fought on our own, I'd say it was a good go from us, but fair play to SWM for a well executed whole game plan ,just a shame we missed the timings. The game would have been much more interesting. It's so tough to manage a WW when half your alliance is 100 squares from it...

    But no excuses, a well played game from SWM, if not a little passive, but they played for the win and carried it out.

    GG SWM

  • Ok - so from what we know...

    Of the hammers Antonio listed 3 died on our WW - whikst their final count was impressive it was slightly exaggerated (taking nothing away from them)

    Us at RAG got drawn into a scrap with NORTH most of the server and fair play to them they are a decent opponent - reality is it cost us a lot of troops (more seige than we should have sent in hindsight) - what this resulted in is we had about 12 hammers of 100 - 150k at end game light on seige, about 6 additional larger hammers that had between 5-6k rams and or cats - unless we sent all of these at SWM we wouldn’t have impacted their WW, even with all it would have been very minimal damage, we decided to let NORTH take it down as they were now second placed WW - North has asked us to provide a rammer or 2 as they were short on them (edit as I missed this out).

    Our game plan was always to steam to 100 and attempt to zero the vill of the incoming hammer - we had sent out various MMs and Discord messages to that effect and knew Chucky would be the target most likely we’d need to hit - unfortunately in the timeframe we had to kill that vill 50% of our hammers weren’t online - so we made the decision to not commit the remainder that were available (again expecting North to even the odds and us be able to keep pushing seige). This resulted in Chuckys defence being cleared (another example that SWM had a lot of defence) and a bit of damage, but inconsequential (the Getter plan was a 1600 land on Chucky - Chuckys hit on our WW was 1609)

    So... SWM played a solid server with their eye on the ball throughout, North played a great offensive game (in my opinion, just didn’t have enough in the tank for end game, and we were in a similar position - learning is... get your opponents to fight each other).

    As for UA as I’ve said time and again they played well - disappointed to read some of the messages from some of their less humble members on here but meh - in reality whilst they played a good game they weren’t ever in the race so who cares.

    Well played all -

  • i get my hammer from the hardware store, nothing wasted that way

    Anglo 2: Lord of indulgence

    Anglo 6: heavenly orange sledgehammer

    Anglo 1: powerfully strong 💪 coffee

    Anglo 5: strawberry surprise

    Anglo 4: chocolate teardrop of desire :P

  • at least you've used them mags, unlike the so called big boys of uk2

    Anglo 2: Lord of indulgence

    Anglo 6: heavenly orange sledgehammer

    Anglo 1: powerfully strong 💪 coffee

    Anglo 5: strawberry surprise

    Anglo 4: chocolate teardrop of desire :P

  • If by used you mean let them defend her cap then yep - absolutely 👍

    And RAG and North used their hammers throughout the server, unlike the others - but thanks for your insight 😉

  • I am a big girl lol not a big boy Ridcully and I have no problem with not having sent my WWk, its a team game, it was there if needed, unusual not to be but that's the way of things sometimes.

  • It was shame , that UA weren't in the race , as we was probably the only alliance with a rammer that could take down a wall , we didn't have the privilege of having AA's to use , after RAG deciding to show us how well they could use their hammers or not (depends how you looked at it)

    They was no way we would help them out (just being honest) SWM had the hammers to zero both the other ww's , that we knew , so we just had to play a very long shot ( SWM took out north and RAG , North and RAG hit swm ) if that was to happen we had a chance , whilst we didn't have SWM's defence we did have the ability to gather rd a total 2.5 million defence in there , but in a straight fight we was never going to win that we knew , we was offered the chance to join RAG early in the server , we declined as they decided BSB was the better bet numbers wise , I just wonder if they had looked a little more closely which would have been the better move.

    Anyways yes SWM have won a server before without getting hit , congratulations again to them on another win , because in history that's all that will be remembered . I would hope in other cases some serious lessons have to been learn't as to plan to win a server without serious amounts of siege is a massive oversight.

    I look forward to seeing the next chapter on another server , To the UA and ex BSB members for the smallest alliance on the server and the complete underdogs you done yourselves proud , I look forward to playing with any of you again and thank you for the support tho out , To Rag I honestly can't remember how many of your hammers I killed , you had good players but honestly too many leaders as the direction was lacking which was shown at the end .

    But a fun server , sure disappointing end but still fun

  • Azaezel.

    If you wish to talk about taking out one of my hammers, that's totally fine . I warned you about SWM aiming for the win .

    But you used my chat and my troops to deflect the point , your team finished last .

    So for everything I have done, it is no where near RAG and the so called plan .

    But over all we supported our new team and our WW, We knew this was the most important thing .

    So don't look at my game unless you wish to learn how to play. Because the road I took got kettle in the third ranked WW. UA took players in with open arms and still RAG feared them.

    It has been said on here UA battled with BSB and then RAG and still they finished third.

    I am very happy they took me in and kept me even when I lost alot, yet mind far superior to rag slowly but surely draw their plans against you .

    Saltvannspray was given a free rein and you payed the price.

    Marmite I honestly can’t remember a single hammer you killed - but congrats anyway 👍

    There is alot you can't remember.

    Perhaps you should forget being a leader next round , if you can remember to turn up

  • personally I think this server was a joke.

    I have been on uk2 for years and this round was simply pathetic.

    So yes I will be back as always. Just glad it will be more of a mix.

    The only comedy this round was you my friend but don't worry. I hope to take your slot for the new Anglo 2