[UK] AskTravian #8 - Fighting the bots!

  • Dear Community,

    we have just published a new episode of Ask Travian where we talk about the endless fight against bots.
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    In the Youtube Video description you can find the transcript in the following languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

    Your Travian Team

  • um, Crunchie, I could handle this a few ways but I will take the polite way and tell you to turn on your hearing aide. Or alternatively clean out your ears. Or turn on the subtitles. It is clearly "our fight" and I even asked my neighbor to listen to it and she heard fight.

  • I heard fight aswell...Was hoping that they would have talked about bots in general other than just resource bots...There are also silver bots, that gain silver from adventures and selling items and then transfer the silver to whoever purchase it....And there are also other kinds of bots...

    Not gonna mention any domains or MHs, but if TG want people to help them fight the bots, people should not be met by a passive aggressive MH, saying that the system + the MHs will ban people who cheat, and it’s none of our business...

    Fairly sure we were more than just “Okay” with mouse tracking :rolleyes: Maybe it’s a good time to get the different communities perspective on it, now that you have a full time bot/script/cheat detection team in place, so they know where to start?

    Maybe get help from Dirk, seems like he knew what he was talking about :thumbup:

  • I'm with crunchie on this one, almost as good as Steve Mclarens comedy Dutch accent when he took over FC Twente

    This post was brought to you by "Mr Fantastic"

    Yayyyyy made it on to setbacks ignore list, can give it but not take it
    Let me guess, some kind of funny joke?
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    Where is my apology from MLGJ, for his insult on the forums? - URSULA THE MINOR
    In your dreams Sunshine xx