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  • As I was getting attacked on the beta it got me thinking. When you get attacked you see the red swords next to your village name if you have plus activated indicating you're under attack. This feature has a lot of flaws that can be exploited to make it more annoying for the defender.

    What I often do or what many people often do is to send a super long attack that takes hours to land(obvious fake) so that the red swords get activated. Now if I send another attack that is faster, unless he is on that village that is getting attacked he wont know that there is a new attack on him because the red swords has already been activated for the previous fake. This makes the defenders job a nightmare because he has to constantly stay on the red sworded village to see if there are any new attacks that can be defended.

    Now of course, you can go to your alliance members page and there will be a red swords next to name and if you hover over it you can see the number of attacks on you. But people dont often use that method, especially the owners of the account getting attacked.

    What I suggest, is to let the red swords next to your village name also become like the alliance red swords where if you hover on it you can see the number of attacks on you. Instead of constantly going to that village and checking if there is a new attack or not. This becomes even more of a nightmare when there are attacks on lots of your vills and you have to figure out which is real and fake.

    Tl;dr: Make the red swords that appear next to the village name be able to show how many attacks that village has when you hover over it.

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  • Great suggestion!

    Another feature I would love to see, would be that the red swords disappear from your village overview, if you mark the attacks green in your rally point