The Final Countdown

  • First of all congratulations to all the players active on the server that have made it this far. We are now in the final stages of the game as both metas are eagerly awaiting the countdown timer to reach zero to acquire the world wonder construction plans.

    Keeping this thread reserved for ww levels and reports. And to see which team has what it takes to lay the final stone of the world wonder.

    The server has not been the most active by a long shot just active enough for two great metas to emerge and do battle. EFF, God's and SE VS Gunners,Arm,thp and henved.

    Nail by nail construction workers will be busy building and assembling enormous world wonders under the constant onslaught of fearless warriors.

    Good luck all, time to see who can bring home the bacon :thumbup:

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  • Just 1 hit on WWs so far... about to reach half way mark..can expect
    Bubble wrap wonder have no def just for time pass

    Rest all attacks happening on sidelines...saw report of EFF lvl 20 crops taken down at cap at cost of a hammer by ARM

  • Who am I ? !
    I'm Batman.

  • WonderOfTheWorld

    1. Legend God bless GOAT :) GUNN3RS 70
    2. Crocadile CAPRIEFF NW 60
    3. Bubblewrap The Carrot Throne EFF NW 1

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Looks like we are in the business stage of endgame now, great hits from thp there was a 200k hammer sent earlier from Eff that knocked out a few levels too I don't have report was a decent Roman hammer but sent w/o rams.

    Well looks like a nice little lead starting to emerge great team work from our side. Game is not over yet by a long shot, will be interesting to see what eff sends out next.

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  • enough to take the lead against mighty gunners , even joke of a rammer with 17 k TKs took one lvl of your wall.
    keep glorifying your self guys , maybe one day someone will admire you.

    and yes we like to give you the honor of posting reports since you like to wave with them as victory

  • So You itself know your hammers are joke..we understood that after seeing the scout reports

    Ha ha seems like you lack analytical skills

    12k Rams + 7.5k cata+ 8k cata --> 2wall+15 lvs down(5X effect)

    15k Rams + 11k cata+10.5k cata+ 9k cata --> 1wall+9 lvls down(3X Effect)

    I am Wondering who did better :D

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  • and you leak of travian skills UA or LA doesn't apply at WW , only thing matter is.... you still see our rear lights

    oh by the way siege doesn't work without other units except at you.

    R.I.P. raZZor

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  • you keep on womdering as you lack analytical ability.. but wait let me show you the picture.

    1. Gunners meta attack eff meta.
    Gunmers lost 4 hammer on ww and 17 on UA

    2. Eff meta attack Gunners WW.
    Eff lost 4 hammers

    Result and effects..
    1. EFF WW in lead.
    2. Practically most of the hammers of gunners meta splatted (4+17=21).

    After effect of attacks internally on gunners can be discussed later.. I have kept it simple this time so that you dont have any problem in understanding it.

    And you can contact me again next time before wondering...

  • Like the confidence even when staring at defeat.
    Dude UA still make the wall 5X better you saying that don't have any effect on attacks..why don't you remove it and see it first yourself

    Let me make it simple for you
    2 cata hammers (7.5 and 8.5k cata) downing 15 lvls is better than 3 hammers (11k,9k,10k each cata) lvl down 9 lvls.. isn't it.
    Which basically means we have better defense than you..hope you understand clearly now
    Now you can sit and watch how easily we are gonna win.

  • I really don't know what you guys (Gods) are still doing in server..
    Expect may be Forester I don't see any significance..

    UA were only couple of hammers short of capturing..we have seen the after attack report.. hardly 200-300k left...
    Most of our splatted ? Ha ha. Nice one wait and see we are not as bad as GODS. ;)

  • LOL... Keep wondering about us.. same thing Gunners used to say about us.. and it is not about how much defence was lest or you were about to take UA.. its end result that matter.. and that is what it is.. but i can underatand why you keep wondering. Its because now gunners meta is wondering how to do other ops without any significant hammers.

  • well travian is a game of team strategy so you should stick with CS i think there you can be your self :D

    oh and yes don't forget to check def stats there you will find your answer why you are still behind.

    R.I.P. raZZor

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  • Guys I'm not going to post all the reports so feel free to include if I've missed you. I will include Salme's soon because that's a decent whopper. I have a feeling the cat will be out of the bag soon and we will see a few wwk

    Good luck and keep trucking everyone :)

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